Sheila- I wouldn't feel bad about sucking, but it has always been something that I am supposed to feel ashamed of.

meg- and if you are you will feel ashamed of ts-ing, if you are not you will not feel ashamed Webmaster- Yes, Meg, and that should hint to you that there are other ways of conceiving a behavior.

meg- and if you are a shame oriented person and do not ts then you will feel shame about something else

Sheila- My entire family, excluding my brother, always tried to get me to stop.

Webmaster- Yes, trying to get you to stop is one thing, but trying to hurt your self concept another.

Sheila- I will never stop, unless I want to for myself only though. meg- i am starting to at least buy i shouldn't feel ashamed but I still feel this way

Webmaster- I can accept someone trying to get me to stop, but not trying to convince me that I am shameful

SONOR- Does any body know what the standard pyscological profile of a TSer is? I always wondered

Webmaster- No, Sonor, the data is still being collected, and not on that parameter.

meg- you realize it may be like asking for a profile on blonds that like chocolate chip cookies and science

Webmaster- No, meg, there may be a psychological profile, but as of now, the data is not available.

meg- i don't really think so-you are right there may be one but I have my doubts

Sheila- I guess that I still feel ashamed, because I won't do it in public, unless I get really stressed driving.

Webmaster- meg, you have accepted the ideas of another, ideas that are self defeating.

Webmaster- No, Sheila, you don't do it in public because you wisely realize that the costs don't exceed the benefits.

Sheila- Oh. meg- that is exactly it-cost benefit. I never thought about it that way

Sheila- Me either.

meg- I think it is true

SONOR- Shelia its not shame its life If I TSed at work I am sure I wouldnt have the same respect

Sheila- I wish that I could suck and type at the same time:) Actually I am getting pretty good at it.

Webmaster- Yes, if it was socially acceptable, we wouldn't think of costs, just like a nail biter may not, or a smoker in many cases.

meg- i have to go cause it is time to put my kids to bed. i wish i hadn't forgotten to come here before

Webmaster- Meg, come back if you can, ok?

meg- can we do it again

meg- ok dokey

Sheila- Really, why is smoking acceptable and thumbsucking not?

Webmaster- I know, Sheila, it's a matter of social history.

SONOR- meg before you go

Sheila- Bye Meg meg- please can we do it again

meg- yea

SONOR- do your kids know or your husband ?

mitch- bye meg

meg- no

Sheila- I would like to do it again.

meg- they are 17 and 13 they might but not to my knowledge. neither of them ever did ts meg- yea my husband knows.

SONOR- are you glad they dont

Sheila- How does your husband feel?

Sheila- Will you email me sometime?

meg- he doesn't care at all

meg- yea i would love to

Webmaster- You'll get great convo with Meg.

Sheila- I am about to get married in a year, and I don't know how to deal with it.

meg- does he know

Webmaster- Sheila, in ALL cases, the hubby was ok with it.

SONOR- Please come back meg I need some one in a situation simuliar to mine to talk with

Sheila- Really?

meg- i gotta go sorry

Sheila- That is so awesome.

Sheila- Bye.

Sheila- I have to go also.

Webmaster- Yes, sheila, it's at the site, all that information.

Sheila- I have to get off the line. Thank you all so much.

Webmaster- I guess the site's getting too big, eh?

Sheila- Feel free to email.

meg- sonor we can

Webmaster- Bye

Sheila- I will be checking in on the site.

meg- chat on instant messenger

meg- sometime

meg- ok, bye

Webmaster- Too bad it was so short, coming back tonight?

SONOR- great thank you so much. tsing with kids is tough

Webmaster- Well, hi mitch

mitch- so there's only us left Webmaster

mitch- i loved this chatting

Webmaster- What did you like about it?

mitch- well talking to some ATS site people. I’m sorry that Pam was not here

Webmaster- Yea, I'm amazed that she didn't make it.

mitch- some milestone Webmaster !!

mitch- well she might be travelling somewhere

Webmaster- No, she just got back from Canada and told me that she'd be here for sure. May be a technical thing.

mitch- i have to leave, it is 4 am here

Webmaster- Where are you?

mitch- come from UK now in brussels belgium

Webmaster- Oh, man, maybe I should have done this earlier. Mitch, thanks for your undying support.

mitch- would be nice for me. anyway thanks for the chat

Webmaster- Gotta help with our loyals, right? Bye then.

mitch- see you Good luck with ATS site !!