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{short description of image}An advertisement of interest, from England. Who would have ever thought that cell phones and thumb sucking can be related? 10/1/00

Yes, we're in the news and now a lot of people know. Since these articles came out, I've gotten to process a lot more surveys. Who knows, maybe someone at your place of work is an adult thumb sucker. Judging by the numbers of people responding to the reporters, so I've been told, it just may be very possible!

Toronto National Post, February 8th, 2000. This article appeared both in their print version as well as their on-line version of newspaper. I compressed this article due to the amount of space and download time it would have taken. As such, it isn't as large or as clear as the original, but still very easily readable. The page is more than 172 kilobytes so, unless you have a cable modem or your own T1 line, expect it to take a little time (up to 10 minutes for a slow connection). It's worth it though!

The Connecticut Courant, The above article was shortly followed by one in the Connecticut Courant on February 29th, 2000. Due to copyright restrictions, the people at the Courant are making it most difficult for me to publish their article at this site. They wanted $250 for the pleasure! I figure I'll do it just as soon as I can design a method of transmuting myself into Bill Gates. Until then, though, to read the article Click Here. And, if this link doesn't work, write me and tell me about it.

Behind The Scenes

Related to the Courant article was some interesting correspondence between the reporter, Helen Ubinas and myself. To read this, click here.