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This chat was the best yet, populated with an extremely high percentage of adult thumb suckers, most of the conversation stayed on topic. Though about 30% of the chat was lost, due to the fact that its history suddenly, at times, and randomly it would disappear from my monitor before I had the chance to fix it.

WM- Hey, howya doin'?!

John- not too bad! you?

WM- Full, I just had a big dinner. You ever get Microsoft works? [referring to his previous offer to help in data processing with the survey statistics]

John-, i didn't .....i tried getting it over a software exchange lucjk

WM- Maybe it's me that oughta change the program, since Works isn't as popular. John- well, my crappy computer came with the Corel suite....

John- and no one uses that either...i pirated Office from a friend!

WM- I have to say, I was very encouraged by your output. Now, if I can only figure out how to change the format. When I tried to, it came out all garbage text.

WM- So, where you writing from, a ship, or home, or what?

John- home.... were not goin out to sea till the end of the month

WM- Lucky you, eh?

John- its been a nice 6 months in the shipyards.... [Sat Feb 02 21:29:37 EST 2002] Eric enters the chat area.

WM- You get paid for downtime, or is there any downtime in the Navy?

WM- Hi Eric!

John- no such thing... hey eric...

Eric- Hiya John- btw....whats the profile thing all about?

[Sat Feb 02 21:30:39 EST 2002] Abby enters the chat area.

[Sat Feb 02 21:30:47 EST 2002] Mitch enters the chat area.

Eric- I should put my msn messenger on and wake Abby up lol

WM- I guess it's a way to get the goils to like you, if you write the right words! Hell if I know.

John- hi abby! and mitch...

Abby- Hi WM- Hi Abby!

WM- Hey Mitch!

Eric- never mind there she is

Mitch- hi all

John- and i was worried no one was gonna show up...

WM- John, scheduled chats is the way to go.

Eric- Wonder if Pammy is awake, it's like 4:30 am her time

WM- Yes, and you're Abby of Forum fame?

[Sat Feb 02 21:31:57 EST 2002] Ratteez enters chat area: 27/F/St Louis, USA

John- oh, i have a feeling shed wake up for this!

Eric- ((((((((((Abby)))))))))))))))))

Abby- I think she said she was going to wake up early and try and get on

Abby- Yes, I am Abby from the forum

Eric- Pammy is an angel :-)

John- brb...gonna insert a profile...

WM- Righto J Abby- lol

Abby- how do I do a profile?

WM- you have to go back and fill it out below your name.

Abby- ok Abby- I'm going to do that

Eric- How long do you usually keep this room open?

WM- Well, the usual chat banter goes like this, “m/l/a”, but hopefully this isn't usual. I keep it open till it stops. I don't sleep anyway! :)

Eric- lol

[Sat Feb 02 21:34:09 EST 2002] John reenters chat again: 25/m/hampton roads, Va

[Sat Feb 02 21:34:23 EST 2002] Abby reenters with profile: 20/F/MN (USA) Left thumb sucker

John- ok....back again...

Eric- Hampton roads, is that in southern virginia John?

John- yep....right on the chesapeake bay

WM- Eric, I forget, where you from? (So far a typical chat convo!)

John- cool, WM....all the way up there though, huh?

Eric- I'm in New Carrollton, Maryland

Eric- by way of an "apple"

WM- Me, New York, on Long Island.

Eric- Where on the island, Harv? got family all over

WM- So, John, I'm fascinated with the public tsing you've seen in the Navy.

John- or Lawn Guyland, as they say

Abby- I'm from Minnesota about an hour north of Minneapolis

WM- I'm in Nassau county, almost dead center.

Eric- Hicksville?

John- oh yeah, we see a lot of stuff! lots of different people around, so its bound to pop up....

WM- Tsing all over the world it seems!!

Ratteez- Hello all! John- heh heh...when you work on a ship with 5000 people, consider the statistics...

John- hi Heather.......remember me?

WM- John, what interests me is that they do it, despite the concern about image. How does that work?

Ratteez- Of course I do!

Abby- I have never seen another adults TS until the other day on someone's webcam. You don't see anythung like this in MN [Microsoft Networking]

Ratteez- and as you can tell I still can't type

WM- Abby, which webcam?

John- :) lol@rateez...

Eric- I was surprised Abby was from Minnesota and didn't know who Garrison Keillor was

Abby- A friend's through Yahoo Messenger

Eric- whoops guess irc doesnt work here

John- Abby, you should be ashamed! Garrison Keillor is one of the best storytellers of the century!

WM- No, I gotta sophisticate this chat thing, voice, whatever, of these days.

Eric- John you listen to PHC?

Abby- LOL, thats what Eric said too

WM- Anyway, are we ALL tsers here?

John- well, abby, we’re here to educate! :)

Eric- yes Ratteez- yes John- yep!

Mitch- yep Abby- yep

John- cmon, i have pics on the site to prove it!

Eric- is a PHC nut lol

WM- Wow, the highest concentration of ATS in history!

Abby- Which thumb? (If you suck only one)

Ratteez- john you do?

Abby- Left thumb

Eric- Right in my case

Mitch- left

Ratteez- right thumb

John- left

WM- Lefties have a slight edge in the stats I have so far.

John- i know a girl who sucks both....weird...dunno how she does it....

Ratteez- ambidextrous TSing

Eric- Well they say only lefties are in their right mind

Ratteez- are most of the L TSer R handed?

John- yeah, makes since to suck your non-dominant hand thumb

Abby- Me too, I've tried my other thumb and it just doesn't feel right.

WM- Yes Ratteez

Eric- I thought I was right thumbed because I was righthanded

Abby- yep, I'm right handed too and suck my left

WM- You are Eric, but many tsers get very practical. - :)

Ratteez- i'm left handed and suck my right

Ratteez- leaves left had open to do things

John- i drive a 5 speed....i HAVE to suck my left! lol./..

Eric- lol Ratteez- lol

Abby- I can't TS and drive - it gets too complicated because I need to smell my NuNu (comfort object)

WM- John, maybe you should switch to automatic! :)

John- well, since my car is about ready to fall apart, i just might!

Eric- the only thing I've been able to do with my left hand as well as my right is swing a tennis racket

Ratteez- a good reason

WM- How many here have tsed in public?

John- *raises hand*

WM-Laundry room, yes?

Eric- not me, need to get together with Pammy on a messenger about dat

John- yep, there, plus the movie theater

Ratteez- sort of, if it's semi-private

Abby- I did once in 2nd grade at school when watching a movie - thats the only time I can remember

Eric- I actually did on a bus for a few minutes, but the bus was next to empty

John- if im in NYC, i really dont care since anything goes there....i did it on the subway, in the Starbucks, etc...

Ratteez- whoa, Johns a lot braver than I am

Abby- I think I would TS in public if I was in NY too - I live in a pretty small town

WM- Wow John, guts you certainly have. So, you must have purposely done it, yes?

John- yeah, it was a conscious thing

John- this is a city that is accustomed to public urination. i dont think they’d care! lol...

WM- What were the reactions, if any?

John- a couple of looks, thats it

Eric- I rode a bus with a woman for nearly half hour who kept rotating in and out every 5 minutes

WM- Eric, how old was she about?

Eric- maybe my age I guess I'm 35 almost 36 now

WM- I've seen quit a number of black people tsing publicly.

Ratteez- i saw a black woamn TSing at teh mall this week

John- funny you should mention that, WM....i was gonna bring that up....

Eric- me too but this woman was white and nobody else noticed

Ratteez- first time in a long time

WM- How old was she R?

Ratteez- I'd say mid 20's

WM- No one noticed?! And it wasn't in England?! Wow!

John- and they claim that open bite malocclusions are more prevalent in black children too...

Eric- Nope and the bus was loaded

WM- Wow, R

WM- Ditto E

Ratteez- yeah, I thought how much braver she is tahn me

WM- R, were you at all tempted?

Ratteez- I'd be more inclined to try if there was others with me

Eric- the last time I saw her, she stopped after like 3 minutes and didn't start again, no idea why, but then I never saw her again. Left that job soon after

Ratteez- yes, I thougt about sitting next to her and joining in

WM- Really, R?!

Ratteez- well, sort of.

WM- I'm totally amazed by Olivia.

John- Olivia and Elly both, actually...

WM- Yes

WM- Olivia has more guts about it though, I think.

Eric- has Olivia ever came in this room?

WM- No, she wouldn't. She's very singular, militant and anti-anti.

John- she doesnt really discuss it

Eric- I wrote to her once awhile back, she replied, tried writing again, zilch, she must be busy offline

John- shes moving ya know.... i think shes coming to san fran

WM- Elly was once fired from a job because of her tsing.

Abby- geez, how rediculous

Ratteez- oh, that sucks!

John- :o ....didnt know that, WM

WM- Yes, so she got a job at a friend's business, now no prob.

Eric- she was here in the DC area not long ago I read in her online journal

Ratteez- Good on her

John- the girl i work with who does it all the time has had higher-ups talk to her about it..

WM- Olivia came to NYC and I didn't know until too late.

Abby- Does anyone know if Wayne is going to be here?

WM- John, how'd you know that the higher ups talked to her about it...details man.

John- oh, she mentioned it when i asked what the pow-wow was all about

Eric- I also wrote Jenni of the Jennicam to ask her about it, but no reply. I'm trying to reach one of her friends here in this area, since Jenni doesnt live here anymore

WM- Wayne is too paranoid re: his wife, to come here.

John- basically, they just didn't think it was appropriate while in an official capacity, ie on watch, etc

WM- And, did you ever share with her your "secret"?

John- funny thing i havent! can ya believe that?

WM- And, did it stop her? Can you imagine being kicked out of the Navy due to tsing on the watch! :)

John- and ive worked with her for almost 3 yrs!

John- heh heh....nah, she still does it alot

WM- You should, I mean, what do you fear?

Eric-Kicked out of the Navy?

John- exactly....

[Sat Feb 02 21:51:40 EST 2002] fulpullup enters the chat area: adult baby :)

John- i certainly draw the line at work though

WM- gotcha

John- so now that we have our first AB of the night, may i ask what came first for you? the AB stuff or the TSing?

fulpullup- ab first, in fact its kinda funny, my younger brother sucked his thumb up to age 10 and i picked on him for that :)

John- how the tables turn! fulpullup- giggles

WM- John, when alone though, I'm sure. Do you remember the email I got from a sargeant who, being burly and all, almost got caught?

John- how did i miss that one, WM?

WM- It's there, somewhere. I really ought to think of indexing the site.

WM- by the way, if anyone wants to chat privately, though that deadens the main area, simply double click on the name.

WM- He admitted to crying when he found the site.

Eric- i had a friend from 2nd to 6th grade, very active tser, particularly in 2nd, slowed up as she got older, been trying to find her on classmates to ask of she still does

John- Ohhhhhhhh... heres some news....

fulpullup- so i gots plenty of pacifiers, including my prized Nuk size 4 from germany; but in a pinch my thumb (left) is there for me

WM- I think most pacifiers are too soft.

John- i turned a friend of mine into a TSer! lol... she started it, and now says shes hooked!

Abby- I've never tried a pacifier

WM- John, how come I didn't know that, or did I?

Ratteez- Johns a carrier!

Eric- Last time I had a pacifier must have been age 1 or 2 ;-)

John- no, i hadnt mentioned it before!

John- call me Patient Zero.

WM- And, how'd you do that John?

fulpullup- its fun sucking on a paci while driving on the highway and getting seen while passing/being passed Ratteez- :)

WM- ful, so you enjoy being seen?

John- well, i didnt do too much except TS around her....

Ratteez- I've had a few pacis, but I always chewed on them

Abby- Is anyone sucking their thumb right now?

Ratteez- no, but iwish I was! :(

fulpullup- i enjoy it when vacationing, have worn my snap neck onesie out and about (las vegas and albuquerque)

fulpullup- even pic with santa

John- mmphshmp....

Eric- By the way for those who don't already know I am not the guy whose poetry is on the site

Abby- I don't use that thumb when I type - in fact I barely use that thumb for anything except TSing

Abby- lol - Eric ;)

John- yeah, abby.....ive learned to open doors w/out my thumb too...

Eric- The only thing about that guy is he knows how to spell his name

WM- Eric, you should have said it WAS your poetry, it's not all that bad there ya knw.

Eric- Harv, I will NOT take credit for someone else's genius

WM- Eric, you have any favorite poems there?

Eric- haven't read much of them yet

WM- I'm trying to get Kathleen Beacon to finish her story.

Abby- blue day?

WM- Yes, blue day

Abby- She's got me hooked!

John- oh yeah, whateve rhappend with that?

WM- She wants to write a story about what would happen if the world changed for one day. Talented woman that she is.

Eric- I found Kathy beacon yahoo, been trying to reach her too, to make a new buddy

Abby- If anyone wants to add me to their messengers I'll give you my IDs John- according to her new profile......she says shes trying to quit TSing!

WM- John, really, where'd you read that, that is total news to me.

WM- I'm going to check it out, hold on.

WM- Now, SHE'S a real genius, but very private.

Eric- who is a genius? Kathy Beacon?

WM- Yes, KB

Eric- has Abby on 3 messengers out of 4 ;-)

John- i IMed to ask about reply yet

Eric- has Pammy on 3 too

WM- John, I think she's kidding

John- hard to tell!

WM- Yea, true, but knowing her I think so.

Eric- 10:01 pm est and no Pammy :-(

WM- Poor Eric

Eric- why poor me?

WM- Pammy=not here.

fulpullup- my site is

WM- fulpullup, I've seen your profile in the past.

Eric- that's no big deal I have her on 3 messengers

WM- Yea, I've had extended conversations with Pam.

John- she's only plus 5 hrs.... and she usually stays up late

Eric- well it's 5 am buy her now

John- 3 am....

Eric- 3?

WM- So, guys and gals, if we, by some amazing fluke, could have a get together, how'd you like it to go, besides the vege's and cheese.?

Abby- in person?

WM- Yes

Eric- well the DC area is a very nice place to go sightseeing

WM- I think it would be fun (just thought of this) if we can go into a restaurant, like, every 5 minutes, one at a time, tsing. Just to see what would happen.

Eric- plenty of shopping too, for mall nuts fulpullup- i'm in vegas every december for the national table tennis championships

Abby- I don't think I'd be able to do that, WM

Abby- I just went to Vegas in November fulpullup

John- i vote for DC!

WM- Abby, yea, probably, but I wonder how it'd play.

Eric- lol John

Abby- It would certainly be interesting!

WM- DC's cool by me, though Nassau is closer. :)

fulpullup- i'll be in connecticut first weekend in june

fulpullup- i just dont know what my schedule is gonna be like

Eric- Well I have family all over NY, wouldn't mind coming home, I owe my condolences to the WTC area as is

WM- Funny too I'd think, Ab, first they'd stare, then they'd talk in whispers, then they'd all freak out, then, who knows, maybe they'd all join in? (Not) :)

John- LOL....i wouldnt put my money on inspiring a mass rash of thumbsucking from it!

fulpullup- well my experience wearing my baby stuff in public, including being very noisily/obviously diapered, is that people as a rule are too embarrassed for themselves to be confrontational

WM- Nor I, but, like Arlo Guthrie once sang, they'd think it's a movement.

Eric- has rececntly dedicated his talkcity homepage to the memory of the WTC

WM- ful, I don't know, maybe you've been lucky.

fulpullup- i think you would witness people doing their darndest to pretend not to notice

Ratteez- that I'd like to see

Abby- If I ever see someone out of the ordinary or someone doing something unusual I don't stare or anything - I just look and then go about my business as do most people.

WM- Well, it's just a major bit of organizing away, and some dollars, and some incredible luck, and.......Though I'd think that woman may get bothered by some guys. But, I haven't heard that happen to Olivia, for instance, and surprisingly.

Ratteez- I'd think a guy TSing would get it worse thana woman

Marian- I am not a weirdo, though. they are just my pets. :)

Abby- R - my first comfort object was a satin pillow - I still have it :)

Ratteez- I would hope not dead ones!

Marian- I am a vet.

John- LOL Rateez!

Marian- That is why all the animals. :)

Ratteez- Love that satin. Great for stroking

John- where are ya from, marian?

Abby- I am having a hard time keeping up with all of the threads here!

WM- Abby, was it a relief to tell the other 2?

Marian- Pa. How about you guys?

fulpullup- wisconsin

Ratteez- St Louis

WM- Yea, abby, it's tough, welcome to the chat world.

Eric- I'm from Maryland near DC by way of NY

John- I;m from Erie, PA, originally......Norfolk, VA now


Marian- Cool

Eric- fave chat buddy lives in Reading Pa

Ratteez- Guess it's just you and me ffom the Midewst, ful

fulpullup- i gotta go, see yas all a little later; how long this gonna go tonite?

WM- Marian, you just filled out a survey, yes?

Eric- by Ful, take care

John- see ya ful...

Abby- WM - YES! Only 3 people know other than my family 1 was my ex-boyfriend and the other 2 roomates so if I couldn't TS around them I would barely get the chance!

WM- Ful, till no one's left.

Ratteez- bye!

Marian- Yes, I filled it out I think a couple weeks ago.

Abby- Minnesota Marian- I had to email you to do it.

WM- Thought so Marian.

WM- Abby, do you think you'll ever tell a non roomate?

fulpullup- okies; maybe come back later! otherwise on i am _CM_fulpullup, i play checkers, backgammon, and spades

John- my friend Anjanette just filled one out too... shes the one i said i converted...

Eric- Oh now that Abby knows who G.K. is I think the following would be appropriate:

WM- ful, Chess here.

Marian- You converted her to a tser?

fulpullup- i play chess but not well

John- marian....go to the private window.... i filled the group in already

fulpullup- add me to zone friends and we play something maybe sometime

Ratteez- E-LOL

Abby- WM - I don't know. Its a really private thing for me - I only do it at home. If the person spent a lot of time with me and I was really comfortable with them I think I might. - Marian, John converted a woman he knew into a tser, by some miracle.

Eric- Ratteez, you like PHC too?

WM- Abby, ok, cool.

[Sat Feb 02 22:30:04 EST 2002] FMB enters the chat: Left Thumbsucker

Ratteez- yeah, I've heard some. Been a whilem tho


Eric- you can play em on here y'know

fulpullup- if i could just convert someone into an AB [adult baby] i would be all set :)

fulpullup- oh well, im outta here fer now

WM- ful, there is a difference between AB and ATS ya know.

Eric- bye ful have fun Abby- bye ful - adios

Ratteez- bye ful

Eric- so long farewell aufwierdersehn adieu lol

WM- Here's a question. Would you rather tsing be socially acceptable, or do you like it the way it is?

John- if everyone did it, i wouldnt be quirky anymore!

Ratteez- WM- alittle of both

Ratteez- Exactly, what J said

Eric- I'm with Ratteez 6 of 1 half a dozen of the other

WM- I can understand why we'd like it to be acceptable, but why would anyone like it otherwise?

Abby- either way would be fine with me

Ratteez- because it is kinda cool to have soemthing that shocks people without being illegal or immoral

Abby- FMB left already was that fernando?

WM- Ratteez, interesting. So, you shock people with it?

Ratteez- A-Don't know. He said he was going to come

Ratteez- WM-well, it throws people off when they find out

Abby- Fernando was chatting with me earlier and he disconnected mid conversation - maybe he was having problems with his internet

WM- Yes, but you like it when it does that. Why?

Ratteez- *shrugs* Just a R thing I guess

Ratteez- A-Happened to me too

John- here's a question, how many of us have other oral habits?

Ratteez- I guess I've gotten a bigger resonse from what kind of pet I keep than from my TSing

Eric- except eating none

Abby- Smoker :P

Ratteez- WM- I'm very oral

Abby- ,trying to quit

[Sat Feb 02 22:36:35 EST 2002]

FMB enters the chat area again.

WM- Ratteez, oh?

John- another smoker! woo hoo!

FMB- hi to all

Eric- No ciggys for me gang lost too many relatives to cancer

Eric- wb [Chatspeak for welcome back] fmb

Ratteez- Yes, TSing, chews a lotof stuff, eats like a fiend, tec

WM- John, stats show ATSers smoke slightly more as a percentage.

FMB- Hi Marian, Abby, Ratteez, Eric, W and john

FMB- nice to see u guys

Ratteez- HI FMB

John- wb FMB

Abby- Hi

WM- FMB, are you Fernando?

FMB- left thumbuskcer here 31

[Sat Feb 02 22:37:46 EST 2002] Mitch enters the chat area.

FMB- yes i am Fernando

WM- Well, how do you do?

Marian- OH!! Fernando, you are here. :)

FMB- that is for sure. I feel better about it so much since I have found this site. And the club on yahoo.

Abby- R - my first comfort object was a satin pillow - I still have it :)

Ratteez- Love that satin. Great for stroking

Abby- so Harv, what drives you to do the website to keep it up and everything?

WM- Abby, what drives me is the feeling that I'm helping people. Also I have a burning curiosity and now it's a helluva fun thing to do.

John- well, we applaud you, whatever your motives....

WM- I like the idea that I now have enough data to actually write a professional type paper on the subject and publish it.

Ratteez- absolutely!

Abby- I wonder how many people have felt better about their TSing because of the site.

John- its certainly done a lot to spark and satisfy my curiosity on the subject

Ratteez- me too

John- and yes, i feel a LOT better about my habit because of it!

WM- Abby, I can assure you the number, conservatively, in the thousands.

Abby- I think the reason that I finally told other people that I TS is because I found out that I wasn't the only one!

WM-The site’s been getting 2500 hits a week. Probably 1000 new ones each and every week.

John- WOW!

Abby- holy cow!

Ratteez- Wowo! Great!

John- have ya got any stats on where theyre being referred from?

[Sat Feb 02 23:36:45 EST 2002] suzy enters the chat: single fingersucker

WM- So, what are all your thoughts about the interview with Kidd Chris?

Abby- Hi suzy!

John- suzy! wow...she makes it!

Ratteez- HI!

WM- Yes, John, but it's too involved to answer here, email me.


John- ok, WM...

suzy- woohoo!

WM- I hope her computer is up to the task this time.

John- our lone FSer [finger sucker]....

suzy- no problem in that way...

WM- A double FSer.

suzy- the problem is I have a house full of guests...

WM- Suzy, here at last! How was dinner?

Abby- My thought on the show is not to do it. I think it would get a more negative than positive response

WM- Suz, invite them in them!

suzy- it was too good to break away early... a classic atlanta dinner... but I id look at my watch the whole time. How are things here?

WM- Yea, we had more earlier. Things are going, we touched on some interesting things.

suzy- I bet....was pami here? we'll have to do this again more waiting a year

John- everyone was like, suzys not here, so i'm outta here... lol....

suzy- yeah right...

John- are ya blushin yet?

WM- Pami didn't come, snooze got to her.

WM- Anywho, glad you're here. so, what do YOU think about the Kidd Chris thing? Do, or not do?

suzy- don't do it. he's not worth sharing it all with

Ratteez- Can I ask what the KidD Chris thing is

John- well, i put my 2 cents in on the kid chris show...

WM- Ratteez, I've been asked to be interviewed on radio. Done that before, but Kidd Chris is the Howard Stern of the west.

Ratteez- EEW, don't do it!

Abby- has anyone recommended that you do it?

Ratteez- You'll only get bad press with crap like that suzy- I have no room to talk here I'm carrying an albatross myself

WM- Yes, Ruth thinks I can handle it if I have a preconceived agenda and, regardless of his questions, just push my thoughts out. Like a politician on the stump.

suzy- it's not about handling things

Abby- I've seen people do that on Howard Stern and he makes them out to be complete idiots. suzy- it's about sharing something that you can only do with special people and he’s not special enough

WM- Yes, so far I agree, hence no go on a no show.

suzy- no prob...

suzy- what do I know?

suzy- not much Abby- maybe you could contact some other radio station and recommend they do a segment on it.

WM- I don't agree Suzy. You know a lot of things.

Ratteez- I think a better venue would be a good idea

WM- Abby, I've been interviewed on several stations, aired on over 20.

Abby- wow

Ratteez- Wow!

John- i didnt know that!!

Abby- maybe you should try for another TV segment

WM- The major Canadian radio station spread the word and got LOTS of ATSer's calling in afterward and during the show.

suzy- but to what end? I mean....

Ratteez- I think you've had more air time than us rattie owners

WM- John, I have the segment on tape, but haven't figured out how to bring it to a good web size yet.

WM- Suzy, the end is decriminalizing it all, getting the public used to the concept, bringing it more into the fold through desensitization.

Ratteez- brb John- uh oh...gotta reboot...brb

suzy- decriminalizing? As much as I feel like it's not accepted

WM- Yes, decriminalizing, as in kidding around with the wording.

suzy- I don't feel a whole lot of need to share the whole thing...

Ratteez- I’m back suzy- there is some need suzy- but only with others who do the same

WM- Suzy, I understand that, but if it was acceptable, or at least not so "shocking" you may feel differently, as in being inhibited unnecessarily.

suzy- if we all met together it’d be kinda like AA

Ratteez- I'd like to see TSing to as acceptble as say smoking

WM- Yea, true, but why?

suzy- but maybe it's the shocking part of it that makes part of it fun suzy- smoking is unacceptable.

WM- Yea, a tsing area in restaurants! suzy- tsing before smoking

Abby- I dislike the fact that TSing is shocking to people.

suzy- it has to come down to a sex thing looking in a mirror I think I am unattractive with the whole thing

WM- Why is shocking good?

Abby- It makes me keep it private

Ratteez- Yeah, but smokers don't get laughed nearly as much

Ratteez- Like people with cancer sticks are sexy?

suzy- I'm pretty open these fact I leave my shirt out in hopes that someone will ask me what it is

Abby- I don't leave my NuNu out because I'm worried someone might think it is a rag! What if they threw it away???

Ratteez- Oh, that would be bad, Abby

suzy- I was once in a hotel where I left it in the sheets and it got carted away to the laundry room...

Abby- I think I would quit TSing if I lost my NuNu. It would be really hard to get a new comfort object.

suzy- I was lucky that I had nerve to go talk to the maid and get it back. Of course it was washed by then

Ratteez- I had that happen to my pillow once. All hell broke loose when I found it was gone

Abby- :(

WM- How would you ABby, R, and S, describe the smell ? I think the smell comes from the saliva, skin mix. Am I right?

Abby- of my NuNu?

WM- Yes

Ratteez- It's strange, because I don't really have a smell to it. it's more of the feel

WM- Oh, ok. Most ATSers talk of smell and feel.

Abby- hmmm... it smells like saliva because I wipe my thumb on it when I'm done TSing - and then it smells like whatever smells are around me when I TS. The smells get 'caught' in it.

Ratteez- A lot of ASTer have asked about that, I fell kinda strange for that

suzy- it's all about the bodily fluids

Abby- It is the best smell in the entire world - yet I am unable to really describe it. When I have to wash it I get really sad because it takes so long to get it smelling good again.

suzy- I definitely understand that...

Abby- Pamela said she wanted to smell my NuNu

suzy- but the time period of the transition from bad to good is SOOOO good

Abby- but my little sister had a pillow that she smelt and when I smelled her pillow I thought it smelled bad. Maybe its all in the eye of the beholder

Ratteez- It's proably a good smell to each because they associate the smell withgood things

suzy- some think it does smell bad but it is a good phermone test so...I figure it goes hand in hand

WM- Suzy, oh? How so?

suzy- do you have an olfactory thing at all?

suzy- well...the former beau who hated the whole fsing thing also said that my shirt smelled current beau swipes my shirt in the middle of the night and sleep with it up to his face he likes the smell...

WM- Very Interesting! I wonder if there's anything to it?

suzy- probably

WM- Gee, what an efficient time saver! A breakthrough in dating.

Ratteez- Age, likes, and do you like this smell? a dating questionaire

WM- I fear though, that the restaurants will lose money.

suzy-'s not so easy to eat and suck

suzy- is a liptmus test...

WM- Yes, but if all the ATSers with NuNus can determine if their beau's are worth it or not from a mere sniff, the proto relationships often starting with a restaurant date won't be so numerous.

Ratteez- Yeah, but we could really cut done the number of jerks we date

suzy- i've brought it up on dates before in a round about way

WM- Suzy, aren't you worried that your beau might want it for his own? :)

suzy- he does...the funny thing is every now and then he'll kidnapp it and it's amazing how fast I know it's gone he may just do it to see how I react but I react quickly...because after all these years I know where it is every minute of the day

WM- Lucky you, eh!? :)

Abby- maybe he should get his own, that way you wouldn't have to share if you didn't want to

WM- Suzy, couldn't you break another in for him? Or, use two and keep one on loan. suzy- it would be tough to have two

WM- OK, then two halves?

WM- Abby, wouldn't you love to have such problems!? :)

suzy- I guess we could share one

Abby- Josh, my roomate, tried sucking his thumb the other day - he did it for about 2 minutes. I told him that if he really wanted to get into it he would have to smell my NuNu. He wouldn't.

WM- Josh is your husband? (Sorry if I forgot all the names)

suzy- so hoew many folks showed up tongiht before me?

Abby- we had mitch, marian, john, fernando

WM- We were up to eight, but a solid eight, no fluff.

suzy- I had veal piccata for dinner and cookie and cream for dessert not to mention 2 bottles of wine how many people have borderline or full-fledged drinking problems?

Abby- fulpullup(sp?) - AB

Abby- a lot of people showed up

WM- Suz, would you say you have a drinking problem?

suzy- I am borderline....but I don't believe it has anything to do with the fsing

Abby- He has a blanky from when he was little that he dug out after I told him I TS. He wraps it between his fingers - he said he plays with it for about 15 minutes before he goes to bed.

suzy- I'll have to quit here soon

Abby- I rarely drink but then again I'm not old enough to do the whole 'bar scene'

WM- Suzy, really got to come again. You've been quite a conversation inspirer.

Ratteez- indeed

suzy- I apolige for coming late.....

WM- Your apology is not accepted! :)

suzy- hard to break away from out of town friends

WM- Yea, understood, but we missed some potential here.

suzy- I was a bit anxious about not being here because I would chat 3 nights a week suzy- if it was the right 3 nights'. I go onto IRC and play trivia for way too muvch time though I would do that with you guys and I don't have to know about trivia

WM- Suzy, we were talking about teeth [some of the chat was, apparently lost], we have two open bites here. You too have teeth affects, yes?

suzy- my two front top teeth turn into each other

WM- suzy's front teeth are turned to allow room for her fingers.

suzy- it gives the effect of buck teeth but not really. to me it's real noticable but to others it's not...

Ratteez- that's what peple say about my tetth, but I disagree

suzy- me could they not think my teeth are not crooked?

suzy- my bottom teeth are turned too but my smile does not show it

WM-Suzy, would you say that your teeth make it more accomodating to fs?

suzy- absolutely they fit perfectly

Ratteez- my front tetth are blatantly crooked, but they say it's cute

WM- Suzy, most people don't notice half of what you think they see in yourself.

WM- Ratteez, who says your teeth are cute?

Ratteez- My hubby and people i"ve met online

WM- Funny, maybe it's the association I have with tsing and all, but I think tsing type of teeth are nice.

Ratteez- It's probably the association

WM- Yea, R, I think so. But I don't mind that that's the reason. It just makes another aspect of the world nicer.

Ratteez- Well, it's nice to think that there are some people who like my teeth this way.

Abby- everyone is more conscious of their own faults. I think my teeth are terrible, but everyone from the site who's seen my pic says my teeth look fine

suzy- I don't think my pic shows my teeth close enough

suzy- I do often have dreams of my teeth falling out

WM- There's a Freudian thing if I ever saw one.

suzy- the feeling of when I was a kid playing with my loose tooth until it fell out

suzy- so recap any fun conversation ya'll had tonight suzy- anything interesting?

fulpullup- but anyway, i learned of tonites chat via the email list, my email is

suzy- I saw a teen with a pacifier last night

WM- Yea, it's the rage still.

[Sun Feb 03 00:47:04 EST 2002] fulpullup returned to chat: wisconsin adult baby :)

Abby- Guys - I have to go

fulpullup- hmmm apparantly you cant exit the page to surf without shutting down the chat

fulpullup- gnite abby! - OK, abby, it was REAL NICE havingyou!

Abby- We should do this again soon! I really enjoyed it!

suzy- nite abby

Abby- lol, I know

suzy- thanks for waiting around for me suzy- or for anyone

Abby- If I can't sleep maybe I'll come back Have a good night everyone!

suzy- nite

WM- Ratteez, you still awake and aware? I have a question, inspired by Suzy.

Ratteez- yes? WM- And, actually, it's for all who are left here. suzy- .guest getting nosey

WM- Do you ever use your tsing as a turn-on in some way. I only ask because, well, it's something that I run into and, actually, am curious about, given the changing meaning that tsing has as one gets older. Most ATSers think of it as just the opposite, but

Ratteez- Well, i do TSsometimes during sex, but I don't consider it overtly sexual, no. - a few use it that way, in addition to the usual meaning it has.

Ratteez- During sex I use my tsing mainly to keep myself quiet in apartments and hotel

WM- Oh, that's one I haven't heard yet, incredibly! Gotta add that to the list! I love when I get something new! Very good idea too!

Ratteez- glad I could be different

WM- No, not different, just more aware I'd guess.

Ratteez- thanks

suzy- guys...I gotta guests are getting ansty

Ratteez- bye suzy

WM- Suzy, hope when you moderate you're up for the whole thang.

suzy- and I got to get them to bed...

suzy- I will doubt....

Ratteez- the natives are restless

WM- Ratteez, has your husband viewed the site?

suzy- if I can get them to bed I'll come back and check and see if ya'll are here...

suzy- love you guys...thanks for being here.....

Ratteez- no, he hasn't

WM- Oh? fulpullup- but anyway, i learned of tonites chat via the email list, my email is

WM- Not interested?

Ratteez- no, not really. he asks questions sometimes, but taht about all

Ratteez- he isn't a ATSer

WM- Yea, no prob. Just thought, 'cause you are, he may take notice.

Ratteez- no, not really. though he was happy for me when i found your site

WM- Great, sounds very down to earth.

Ratteez- yeah, a great guy. But then most geeks are

WM- I think geeks are the best! :) Being one, of sorts, myself!

Ratteez- Definitely

WM- Hey, any ideas you'd like to add for the site, in terms of sections not covered? As you saw before, I'm trying to get a short story going with a writer named Kathleen Beacon who started a story, but ran astray.

Ratteez- To be honest, i haven't been to the site in a while. :( Sorry

WM- Ok. So you heard of the chat via the mailing?

Ratteez- I actaully heard about it from Fernando

WM- Oh, that's right. How did he hear of you? Did you say that already and I'm distracted, hopenot.

Ratteez- I need to update my info with you. I don't use the email address I registered with

Ratteez- no, I didn't say. I chatted me one day from the the Yahoo Club

fulpullup- well puppy is whining, i better get up to bed, niterzzz all!

WM- OK, ful, cya.

Ratteez- nite ful fulpullup- nitez

Ratteez- the movie with the woman with the irsh accent?

WM- Yes, you saw it then?

Ratteez- yeah, watched it earlier today.

WM- Oh, ok. Sometimes I wonder if the site's too big, with people not knowing where to go, or seeing the important things.

Ratteez- It is a bit overwhelming, but if you’re really interested, you'll stick it out

Ratteez- what would you like me to send for an update?

WM- Yea, I'm overwhelming, so you may say it's a reflection of me in that way.

Ratteez- I can see that

WM- Well, the survey is one thing. Photos of your teeth if you won't mind and if possible, I WON'T PUBLISH without permission, a shot of your tsing style to connect withthe teeth shots.

[Sun Feb 03 01:14:10 EST 2002] Abby enters the chat area.

Abby- I'm back

Ratteez- hey abby!

WM- Hi Abby! Couldn't sleep, eh?

Ratteez- OK, I can get a email add yupdate to you now

Abby- well, Josh came home

Ratteez- and I'll see about the shots, too

Abby- Suzy left?

Ratteez- I'll do the survey.

WM- Thanks!

Abby- How many survey's do you have completed?

Ratteez- I'll definitely try then

WM- Over 1000 surveys in raw form, 360 completed. I get 5-10 surveys each week now.

Abby- wow

WM- Yea, it is amazing. To think, this site’s only known by a small percentage of the adult world population.

Ratteez- pretty incredible

Abby- what is the most suprising thing you've learned about TSing running this site?

WM- The most surprising thing is how many do it, of course. The most amazing, concerns the fact that there are those who do it publicly, without worry.

Ratteez- I admire those people

WM- Yes, the thing I admire about them is their confidence. That they can do what they want, knowing it's not hurting anyone, and being able to withstand the ridicule, to the eventual acceptance

Ratteez- yes, to not let what other think bother them

Abby- To me TSing is very private, even if I had the confidence to do it in public I don't think I would

Ratteez- I can understand that, Abby

WM- Yes, but it's private because of the confidence undermining your mom fostered, right? At least it may have started that way, and now it's subconscious, yes?

Abby- probably

Ratteez- But I think there would be times that I would like to TS and not worry about it

Ratteez- yeah, i know, but I have a low esteem that doesn't take well to that kind fo stuff

Ratteez- I do it in front of my friends, no prob but not stragners

Abby- Josh says "hi"

Ratteez- Hi, Josh!


Abby- Josh keeps popping in and out of our office - he's very curious

Ratteez- an admirable trait

Ratteez- I wouldn't TS any time I was uncomfortable with. But that's me

WM- If all of us could have a get together, what things would you like us to have there? How do you see it going, if suck sessful (had to write it that way)

Ratteez- clever :)

WM- There's never been one in all of history.

Ratteez- that's true, i guess

Abby- We should have a thumb sucking convention

WM- I guess we'd have a band and the music may be theme oriented, for the laughs and dancing.

Ratteez- I know, kind of what the rat owners meeting are like, that's the closest I can think of

WM- Lots of research on that one, eh? rat owners, ......oh boy...... :)

Ratteez- yeah, another group of misunderstood people

WM- Then, perhaps, a table of nunus, new and clean unfortunately, but necessarily, and tshirts, etc.

Abby- with a variety of different textures, sizes, etc.

Ratteez- satin, have to have satin!

WM- Yea, satin is a winner.

Abby- give them out as door prizes

WM- A few speeches, imploring at certain select moments, for us all to take a moment to indulge!

Ratteez- yeah, taht'd be cool

Ratteez- not too many speeches. too formal Abby- maybe a group discussion

[Sun Feb 03 01:29:43 EST 2002] Josh enters the chat area.

WM- Then maybe some 12 step exposures, "I was in the closet my whole life, until I found the truth!)

Ratteez- I see more of a lot of chat groups. wander, find a group, chat, suck, etc.

Josh- Now I will definitaly say "Hello" my self!

Ratteez- HI, Josh!

Abby- "My name is Abby and I'm at thumbsucker..." Like AA

Ratteez- My name is Ratteez, and I'm a THumbsucker

WM- Yes, we can break up to eating tables, to chat, eat, and be merry, sorta (merry=ourselves=uninhibited, if very habituated.)

WM- Is this Josh of Abby home?

Josh- Yes!

WM- Hi, the site has helped Abby, you think?

Ratteez- Cool! Thanks for being good to Abby when she told you

Josh- I have heard a lot about this site and a little piece of everyone that Abby talks to on here!

WM- Yes, a fine and loving reaction

Josh- Your welcome

Ratteez- good job, thst man!

Ratteez- and good job abby for telling him!

WM- So, Josh, what brings you to our little late meeting?

Josh- How long was it till she told me?

WM- She knows, yes?

Abby- know what?

WM- Oh, and Ratteez, hmmm, is that name connected to rat owners, as you mentioned before?

Ratteez- yes, i'm a rattie owner and lover

WM- Oh, and here I was thinking you were being totally creative! :) I owned a rat once.

Ratteez- hey, that speeliong was creative! :)

Abby- As did I, I gave it away after a week though, having a rat just wasn't me.

Josh- Well, Abby has talked about the TSs and how great you have been with your support and I thought that I would enjoy knowing a little more.

WM- Well, Josh, you did miss the bulk of things when the action was swift earlier in the evening. But ask anything.

Josh- So, how is everyones teeth if you dont mind me asking?

Ratteez- Bad teeth here

WM- I had braces, so they're ok, not perfect, but ok.

Josh- Is that the cause of sucking your thumb or is that just the way it has always been. Just curiouse.

Abby- lol, I had braces and then they went right back to the way they were after I got them off

WM- Josh, "bad" teeth makes sucking (referred to as tsing) easier and more comfortable.

Ratteez- My bad teeth are part TSing and part genetics

WM-Ratteez, have you seen the teeth section and, if you did, do your teeth look like any of the shots there?

Ratteez- I'm not sure, give me a sec for a quick scan...

Abby- my bucked teeth are from TSing, but the open bite would be there regardless - it is just worse b/c of TSing

Josh- Can someone discribe to me the different ways (Or technikes) of TSing?

WM- Josh, there are more than 30 ways, or techniques, some of which are depicted in the photo section at the site.

WM- Abby, when you say you have bucked teeth, how bucked are they? do they stick out when you close your mouth?

Abby- they really aren't that bad.

Abby- they don't stick out

WM- Oh, most ATSers don't have bucked teeth that stick out. A couple do, but that must be due to genetics, given the infrequency of those affected.

Abby- again, its something pretty much I only notice, others don’t.

Josh- I am going to have to take like an entire day to read threw the site and get more familular with TSing.

WM- Yes, Josh, but you can do it in around 5 hours. You'll be the expert when you're done.

Abby- I did it in about 3, but then again I didn't look at everything

Abby- I still haven't looked at everything

Ratteez- I'm back. NO, not really, I don't think my teeth look like those.

WM- Oh, those represent the extremes.

[A large section disappeared before I could copy it here. After I left “Ratteez” copied the remaining chat, seen below.]

WM- cya'll.

Josh- Good-night!

Rateez- I chew on stuff, and eat a lot

Josh- like pens? that sorta thing?

Rateez- yeah, pens, but just about anything and hand, except metal and glass nada- do you bite your cheeks on the inside

Josh- well, thats a good thing!

Rateez- not cheeks, but insode of lips and lips themselves

Rateez- J-yeah:)

nada- painful habit

Josh- do you have chaped lips from that?

Abby- Do your teeth ever feel like they've "fallen asleep" like when you lay on your arm for a long time?

Rateez- J-no not really

Rateez- A-yeah, funcky feeling.

Abby- I think its because of the teeth moving around

Rateez- I think so too nada- ok guys have to get ready....would love to go on maybe we could arrange chats on msn

Abby- that is a good idea

Rateez- sorry, not on MSN nada- why not

Abby- I should go too - its way past my bedtime

Josh- It was great to meat you all!

nada- nice way to start a day

Rateez- good to meet you too josh

Josh- meeting you all!

Rateez- indeed

nada- i will wish you sweet dreams and you wish me a nice day

Abby- We'll have to post on the message board about setting up another chat

Rateez- yes, I do

Josh- You all have a great night, or morning, day evening, what ever it may be!

nada- bye

Abby- bye!

Rateez- thaks Josh, you too

Rateez- Bye nada

Josh- Good bye

Rateez- bye Josh!