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Calluses, what can be said of our calluses? Though the majority of us adult thumb suckers don't have them, many of us do, about 40% of us judging from the latest, unpublished so far, survey data. It all depends on whether and how we rest thumb or finger on our teeth. And, if you're embarrassed about it, think of how more comfortable sucking your thumb is when you have one. And, even if you think they're a dead give away, they usually aren't. Most times people, if they do notice (and most don't give it a second thought if they do), think that it's from your job or some injury, and they surely won't obtain an online criminal justice degree to investigate further.

callus8.jpg Kai's callus. To learn more about him, out his section.

callus5.jpg callus6.jpg

callus7.jpg<The 3 shots in this area are all from the same person, a woman, age 30. The top two shots are of her thumb when dry, the bottom one shows the result of "enjoying it for many hours". You can tell by her fingernail that she indulges in other oral habit, biting her fingernails. Below find her comments:

I must tell you, I do when the callus gets too bad - file it down. Gently with an Emory board, it makes it a bit uncomfortable (when indulging) but makes the callus less noticeable to other people. The callus itself is a little discolored. It is after indulging a bit pink to red and when absolutely dry a bit darker than the rest of the skin on my thumb. Hope it is a good enough PIC. In the PIC, I haven't filed it down recently. But it is approaching the time to file it down. Filing actually works great. Just for the first couple of days indulging it's a bit more tender than usual.

I suck my right thumb too, but really want the versatility (and a spare) with my left. I am currently trying to break in slowly my left and amazingly it is working slowly! Persistance is the key, just relax and let your thumb find a comfy spot in your mouth. It feels funny at first cause it's not your thumb of choice but soon it will feel fine. Give it a try!

To read more about this woman, click here and read under the name Anonya (use your find command to find this name).

garycallus2.jpg <For photos of this thumb sucker, click here.

callus4.jpg <A callus can become quite large, depending on the degree and manner in which your teeth engage your thumb.

Callus1 See this and the photo just below. These calluses are symptomatic of an adult thumb sucker who holds his thumb deeply in his mouth at the most typical angle.

Callus2 <Notice the slight rise of the callus.

tscallus2-1mexico.jpg tscallus1mexico.jpg<<Her callus is at the joint.

See more photos of this women in Section 1.