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Uh-Ohhhh! Busted! This is the worst....you're simply relaxing, enjoying your thumb for whatever reason you may be enjoying it for, and suddenly, the door to your room opens and.....Adding to this may be the underlying fear of knowing how the person who caught you feels about your habit. Or it could be someone who had NO idea that you still suck your thumb...ugh! For some liberated thumbers, this is no big deal. But for the majority, this is a very awkward, embarrassing moment! So this is where you can share those moments that make 'ya squirm!

Please E-Mail your stories and I'll put 'em up for you. Of course, I will use a different name if you'd like me to. =)

From John,

Caught with my pants down...but worse.

Alright, I wasn't going to write about this, but what the hell. First of all, I'm fairly conscious of the way people see me, not in a vain, egomaniacal way, but I like to dress decently, have a decent-looking haircut, not let people watch me pick my nose, etc. You know, normal stuff. But there's something about me that I'm VERY selective about displaying, that is to say, you have to know me really well in the real world (here I don't care) to see it. And that is...that I suck my thumb. There it is. My dirty little secret.

Well, that's all well and good at home, or in the car when no one's looking, but I got caught yesterday. By someone I see all the friggin' time, and she happens to be a very attractive woman who I wouldn't have ruled out going out with. There I was, driving along, sucking away and not paying attention to traffic. And she comes up beside me in the next lane. Now, I don't know if you've ever felt the need to exclaim "oh shit" with your thumb in your mouth, but I certainly did right then. It's not like I could hide it, or pretend I was doing something else, so there's no question she saw what she saw.

And then I saw her today at a meeting and she didn't say anything about it. I don't know if I'm relieved or not, because I'd rather she just say something than wonder what she's thinking every time I see her. Or maybe I'm just paranoid. Damn.

So if you ever catch someone you know sucking their thumb, be a pal and at least tell them what you think. What do "normal" people think about this, anyway? More importantly, why should I care? Hey, some people have a "bad little secret" of wanting to rape little girls. I think sucking your thumb, in comparison, isn't that big a deal.

Reader Reactions:

[trekker02] i am tempted to say i think its a cute, but dont want to throw you deeper into this pit of dispair...dont sweat it. it really is quite endearing...

[katie183] I don't think it was a bad thing that you suck your thumb. Lots of people do it when their younger...so why not do it when their older, I mean when your older it just means that you've been around longer.I hope that

[jessi_3000] I may not be one of the best people to ask but I think that is so cute! If I ever caught someone I knew doing that, I might think of it as funny, but it would never rule them out of my list for a date. (in response to your note) nope.. i sitll think my secrets are more embarrassing... im not even brave enough to write them! and dont worry about thumb sucking~ most girls you date will think its a cute little habit [noahsgurlxx] I suppose here would be the place to admit my dirty little secret also.. I also suck my thumb on occasion and I'm a 18 y/o girl.

[Love'n'Life] bit doesn't that mess up your teeth? my parents were always worried about me doing it when i was little because it supposedly messes up your teeth or something. i don't know.

[pseudo girl] ohh SHIT...yes I can understand...I havent been caught but I drive in the city traffic more, and tend to forget...at least YOU WERNT SMOKING! Anji or ps I am a fellow tser!

[Angeline] why do people thing it messes up our teeth! I think tis is the second time that the above person has left that with a fellow tser anji

[Angeline] I use to suck my finger it comforted me untill I was 12 sometime and I just didn't need it anymore I use to be REALLY insecure and I would worry about EVERYTHING, if I sucked my finger I wouldn't tell anyone but I t [Mrghan31]


Subject: The few, the proud...the thumb suckers?

Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 17:05:20 -0600

One time I was in my second year of a six-year stint in the Marines, I was sitting in a chair in the three-man room I shared with a couple other guys from my platoon. I had just gotten off from work, and was enjoying a quiet moment in the air conditioned darkness (I had shut the blinds). I started sucking my thumb, and before I knew it, I was half-dozing. Suddenly the door opened, and one of my roomates walked in. I didn't have time to get my thumb out of my mouth before he saw me.

Gawd, what an embarrassing moment, especially since he was a big 'ol boy from South Carolina who liked to pick people up with one arm and shake them just for fun. Well, after he asked me the obvious question, "Hey, were you sucking your thumb?" I couldn't think of a single thing to say in my defense. So I told him that I'd been picking my teeth. I don't think he believed me, but I never did hear anything more about it, and no one else in the platoon ever mentioned it. I think the idea of a fellow jarhead sucking his thumb was so alien to him that he just blocked out the whole incident. Thank goodness for that. Kevin D.

Unknown, 34, writes: My finest thumbsucking moment came when many years ago, my then future husband and I were sleeping... I awoke during the night only to find him sucking his thumb... needless to say... ultimately...we wed...now, two children and 16 years later he at 38 me at 34... still partake .... happily ever after.......and I too thought I was all alone!

Iris,40, writes: I suck my thumb usually at night or when I'm alone at home. So, falling to sleep my hubby notices that I smack my lips but one night he caught me in action and shared that he puts the top of the sheet in his mouth and plays with it (it's flannel) and he's been doing this since he can remember. Guess we have something in common... Iris. Yikes...I hope it wasn't too embarrassing getting caught. Thanks for stopping by!

Holly, 18, writes: Hi. My name is Holly, and I am an eighteen year old female. I have been sucking my thumb for as long as I can remember. Until last week, I didn't know anybody else did it. Anyways, a couple days ago, my boyfriend and I were watching TV. when he went downstairs to make a phone call (he doesn't know about the sucking). He came back upstairs (meanwhile I was sucking my thumb), and he stood there watching from the door. I had no clue. You see, I have to be petting a stuffed animal while doing it. He really couldn't see what was going on, and finally burst into the room. My initial reaction is to jump and hide it. He kept asking me, what are you doing????? I really didn't know what to say. I told him I was smelling my stuffed animal. (I have a thing with smelling things too). I got past it that time, but who knows what I'll say next. I wish I could tell him. I would love it if anybody would email me. I am so interested in others that share my addiction. my address is: gialhe12@gbvaxa.uwgb.edu. Welcome, Holly!

Lori, 23 writes: There was this one time when I fell asleep in my living room and a neighbor peeked in the window to see if we were home and he saw me laying there sucking away. He told me he caught me and I denied everything. He said hey no biggie, my wife does it too! That was the first time I found out that I was not the only adult that did this! My dad ridiculed me but my mom has been very supportive, I don't smoke or drink. She says if I have to have one vice she is proud this is it! I know exactly how it feels to be caught by someone looking through a window-that happened to me more times than I care to remember. Also, your mom sounds real cool...her logic is my logic, exactly!!! Thanks for writing in!

Heather, 21 writes I am so thrilled. I totally thought I was the only one who still sucked my thumb. My life is not all screwed up or anything I just love the comfort of sucking my thumb, especially when I am tired. During the holidays I had another embarrassing thumbsucking moment. I was in my car at the light and who else is behind me laughing at me sucking my thumb? My sister and her boyfriend. When I came home they had told my parents the story and they all made fun of me and kept calling me baby. I really thought I was alone in this habit, it's wonderful to have a little thumbsuckers anonymous group right here at our fingertips. Thanks for this great website. You're welcome!

Kathleen, 24, writes- There've been, of course, many embarrassing moments. But one worth recalling was the time my boyfriend came over. He knew I sucked my thumb, and was fascinated by it. We were watching TV and I fell asleep. I don't know how long I was sleeping, but when I woke up the TV was off, the room was dark and...my boyfriends thumb was in MY mouth! I was just sucking as usual, on HIS thumb. Needless to say, he was quite turned on to the whole thing. At first I felt foolish, but eventually understood this special form of eroticism for which his inventive permutations seemed to know no end. Looking back at it all leaves me amused, to say the least.

Jared, 32, writes-Wow! It's so great to see that not only am I not alone, but that I'm REALLY not alone! I have kept my habit secret from my friends for as long as I can remember. And the fact that I'm a guy and still suck my thumb embarrasses me even more, though I'm sure women who still do it feel the same way, too. I never got spanked or anything like that, but my family made sure that I knew how disappointed they were in me whenever they saw my thumb in my mouth. To this day, there is a sense of disappointment I see when my mom looks at me, that I don't see when she looks at my siblings. Anyways, thanks for the site!

Brooke, 19, writes- I used to suck my thumb all the time, whenever I could. Then my mom started spanking me every time she caught me, up 'till a few months ago. Now I only suck it at night, when I go to bed, and my mom seems to be OK with that.

Sharon, age unknown, writes- I suck my thumb every night with a blanket that has little fuzzies on it. I've sucked my thumb since I can remember and I don't see an end to it, but I don't see a problem with it, either!

Pam, 24, writes- I read on your site that you love stories about getting caught, so here is one that happened to me last week. I love to suck my thumb everywhere, and I don't really care about people laughing or such things that much. Last Tuesday, I had to go see a very important client. So I get in my car to go see this client (I didn't know if it was a male or female I was going to see.) The appointment was about an hour from my office, so I had plenty of time in my car. The thing is that as quickly as I got into my car is as quickly as I started to suck my thumb. A lot of people in Traffic saw me, but I just ignored the mockery. So after I arrived at my appointment, a secretary introduced me to a nice-looking lady who appeared to be in her late 40's, and very proper I guess. When she saw me, a surprise look came across her face. She laughed a little as I said hello and went to sit down. Once we were alone in the office, she laughed a little more and said Excuse me, but I just watched you sucking your thumb in your car for the last 20 minutes! You can imagine my face...it was very embarrassing! So the first thing I said was that no, it was not me. She said C'mon....your thumb is a little wet, and I have a daughter who does it, and her thumb looks like yours. I thought that the appointment was over, so I stood to leave and said that I'm sorry, but I have to go.. She said No, no, I didn't mean to bother you, I'm sorry. I said it's OK, and we finished our business. But I was really embarrassed!

Wayne, 49, writes-Well, it's embarrassing enough sucking my thumb at this age as it is! But here's a little interesting story: A few years ago, our family (brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, etc.) got together to look at old family movies that had been converted to video tape. There was a part on there I'd never seen of me standing outside our house, sucking my thumb with my other hand on my, um, crotch! Everyone burst out laughing and I laughed too, but I was totally in shock!! I very suddenly realized that in some ways, I hadn't changed all that much!

Betty 30, writes-Well, probably the worst story about my thumbsucking was when I was in Disneyland with my family. Everyone had done almost everything to get me to stop doing it. My brothers and sisters knew my dad got very angry when he caught me sucking it. So, they tried everything to get me to quit. They poured tobasco sauce over my thumb, put Band-Aids over it. But, being the diligent thumbsucker I was, I kept on sucking away. I guess that night my dad had finally had it! So, here we are at the hotel in Disneyland, exhausted after running around all day, my dad proceeds to give me a spanking because he had caught me sucking my thumb. Let's just say, that from that day on, I learned to listen for my dad's knees cracking as he walked towards my bedroom. Another time, when I was in college, my sworn enemy yelled out across the college campus how funny it looked when she saw me on the freeway in the driver's seat just sucking away. I just kept on walking pretending I didn't know who she was talking to.

Ryan, 27, writes- Gawd.....where do I start? When I was younger, I used to think that I could suck my thumb every time that someone turned their back to me. Unfortunately, I never seemed to factor in the fact that people DO turn around! And even if I managed to get away with it for a bit, my mom would almost always tell me to Get your thumb out of your mouth, so even if I wasn't caught by a friend, she always made sure they knew. (Ugh) My mom used to slap my hand, even as I got older....didn't she know that just wouldn't work? She always stuck her head around corners and down the stairs to try and catch me. She also loved to ask people, usually in my presence, if they knew of a way to get me to stop sucking my thumb. I always wanted to crawl under a rock!

Jan, 21, writes- Okay, in class once, I think I was around 14 or 15, I fell asleep and started sucking my thumb, and a couple girls started laughing and said You still suck your thumb?. So I said, real nicely,......Like who gives a shit?? Like sucking my thumb is a crime??? Geezzzz! ...... and I think they respected me for standing up for myself :) and it was a good way to play it off.

Jessica, 17, writes- Yeah, I did it until I was 10 or 11, then my Orthodontist made me stop cause I had to get braces. Doing it really screwed up my teeth, but I didn't really care. And the thumb that I sucked had these little permanent wrinkles in it, though they finally went away. I would hate it when people would ask me Does that taste good?

Megan, 18, writes- Don't worry, I suck my thumb too, and my teeth are really straight!. I also know this 19 year old pregnant stripper, and she still sucks her thumb.

Want to share? Whether you have an inspiring, humorous or embarrassing story that just made write to me and I'll add your experiences to our experiences.