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This survey will give you the opportunity to add to the growing body of information about adult thumb/finger sucking. By answering the questions on this short survey we'll be able to formulate statistics on the make-up of adult thumb suckers. To read the results of this data gathering, look in the section labeled "Survey Results". For an overview, look in the "Statistics" section. Remember, anonymity is assured unless requested otherwise. When finished with this survey, simply press the "Send" button at the bottom, end, and it will be sent promptly. Thank you.

What is your name? (First is OK if you don't want your full name known, anonymous is OK too)

What is your email address? (Held by us only, for informational purposes-OPTIONAL)

Would you like to be included in the Pen Pal listings? This means having your email address listed.

Yes, include me in the Pen Pal page and it's ok to display my e-mail address.

No, don't include me in the Pen Pal page.

Where do you live? (For example, Minnesota or London, England)

What is your gender?



What is your age?

How long have you been sucking your thumb or finger?

All my life--

Started between 3 and 6

Between 7 and 12

Between 12 and 20

After age 20

If you started after age 7, could you please explain the circumstances?

Which thumb or finger do you suck? (You may click more than one.)

Left thumb.

Right thumb.

Other fingers.

If Other Fingers, which ones?

How has thumb/finger sucking affected your teeth?

Straight, never needed braces

Straight, needed braces

I had braces, but my teeth became crooked again

My teeth are crooked and I never had braces

My teeth are mildly bucked forward.

My teeth are severely bucked, sticking out while my mouth is closed.

How has thumb/finger sucking affected your thumb or finger?

I have a callus

I usually have red marks on my thumb or finger

My thumb (finger) nail looks worn or has marks on it.

My sucked thumb or finger looks different.

If your thumb or finger looks different, how so?

No effect at all.

Where do you typically suck your thumb/finger? (You may check more than one)

In bed, as I go to sleep.

All through the night while asleep, I awake with my thumb/finger in my mouth.

At my job.

While watching TV.

When I read.

When I drive.

When I'm with my friends.

When I'm with my immediate family.

Only when I'm alone.

Anywhere I want, even in public.

If in public, can you offer insight as to how you've overcome the typical worries?

When making love.

While masturbating

How much time each day do you spend sucking your thumb or finger, including while asleep?

Less than 1 hour

1 to 2 hours each day

2 to 3 hours each day

4 to 7 hours each day

8 to 10 hours each day

More than 10 hours each day

What was your parent's reactions to your thumb/finger sucking? (You may choose more than one)

Scolding Spanking Teased you. Grounded you.

Painted my thumb/finger with bitter solution.

Had metal spikes placed into my mouth by a dentist.

Understood and tried to help you quit.

Told people I sucked my thumb/finger.

Didn't care if you sucked your thumb/finger.

Besides the typical past parental reactions to your thumb/finger sucking, were you abused as a child? Abuse in this question means serious abuse, i.e., sexual, psychological, physical extended over a long period of time and/or so intense that you feel it has affected your ability to function otherwise.

Yes, I was abused.

No, I wasn't abused.

If yes, please describe briefly what form this abuse was:

Why do you think you still suck your thumb/finger? (You may check more than one)

It's just a habit I can't quit.> It's erotic.>

Comfort, it feels good.> For spite, I like being different.> Security.>

As a result of trauma.>

It's an addiction>

Other reasons>

If for other reasons, please explain:

Do you place your index finger over your nose while you suck your thumb?



Do you have a favorite blanket or cloth you like to touch while sucking? Do you have some other associated ritual? If so, briefly describe this below:

Check the appropriate box:

I was breast fed.

I wasn't breast fed.

I used a pacifier.

I didn't use a pacifier.

I am a smoker.

I am not a smoker.

I am a former smoker.


-I have other behaviors that can be considered addictions, i.e., drugs, eating, gambling, etc.

If you checked that you have other addictions, please describe below:

-I do not find that I am addicted to other behaviors.

-I have other family members who have had addictions.(blood relatives only)

If you checked that you have other family members with addictions, please describe below:

- I do not have other family members who have had addictions. (blood relatives only)

Have you known of other adult thumb/finger suckers?

- Yes, I have known other adults who suck their thumb/finger.

- Not to my knowledge, I don't know other adults who suck their thumb/finger.

If yes, could you explain what circumstances led you to this discovery?

Tell us your most interesting thumb/finger sucking story or experience, for example, when you were caught sucking, how it was handled, etc.?

Would you like to add anything else? Suggestions, comments about the site, what your favorite section of the site was, etc.?

And finally, I'd like some demographical information in order to see if there are any other associations with populations and older thumb/finger sucking.

My last level of education was:

- Elementary School

-High School

- College

- Advanced Degree


In terms of your weight, you are:

- Underweight

- Just Right

- Overweight

- Very Overweight



- White

- Black-American/African

- Latino

- Asian

- Native American

- Mixed Ancestry

- Other


How many siblings (i.e., brothers and/or sisters) were in your immediate family, and where were you in the order? For example, if there were 3 siblings, including yourself, and you were the 2nd born you'd answer "2 of 3".

What is your sexual orientation?




Fetishist> - If Fetishist, would you please describe below:

I have another orientation not described above>

If another orientation, could you please describe in the space below?

Relationship State

I am currently married or living as married (with a life-partner).>

If married, how have you and your mate dealt with your habit?

I am currently divorced.>

If divorced, was thumbsucking part of the reason for the divorce? Yes> No>

I am widowed.>

I am single, never married.

If single, how have you dealt with your thumb/finger sucking, in terms of your significant other?

Do you feel that your thumb/finger sucking hurts your ability to have a relationship with a significant other?

Yes, thumb/finger sucking makes it difficult to have a relationship.

No, thumb/finger sucking doesn't make it difficult to have a relationship.

I heard about this site from:

a Search Engine> Which Search Engine?>

someone I know>

from the TV show "Extra">

from another place on the Internet>