and then Thumb Photos!

This section is devoted to cataloging any and all pertinent photos proving, once again, that adult thumb sucking is public these days and not as unheard of as heretofore thought. For the purposes of saving download time I've divided the catalog into sections. If you're patient, or very motivated, you will be able to eventually see it all. If you'd like to add anything you would like to post please send e-mail to me. I have the ability to "improve" the graphics, so don't be shy.Note, you can design your own brochures or posters using the photos found here. Share it with us!

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The above artwork was designed by the "witchdocter". He has a website if you'd like to learn more about him. You can also email him if you'd like.

People Who Indulge Publicly

Elly Photos, 1/24/99 This is one woman who doesn't give a dang about what people think of her, especially regarding her thumb sucking. She ts's at home, and in public while working! She hasn't ran her cam in some time, but you'll never know when or if she will again. Find out by Clicking here to view her cam.

Olivia Photos, Updated links to her site, as well as an added page of additional photos and two new ones added to her original page and showing her sucking her thumb amongst friends. Olivia, like Elly, is an adult thumb sucker in a very unique class. She sucks her thumb most of the time, in front of her cam, and in public. In this section you'll see some photos of her and you'll read a short interview in which I asked her about her feelings about the subject. It just shows you, there are those adults out there who don't give a damn, and, guess what? They survive anyway! Hmmm, makes ya think. Olivia's new site finally has a section for the cam, with the rest of her site a mixture of creative expression involving issues concerning coming of age and other issues. Her site is certainly worth a look since her offbeat humor and wonderful creative expression will touch your heart as it has many who've visited. This section last updated on 12/26/00

Sohma's Photos, Sohma, known on her site as "the innocence", is an artist living near Atanta, Georgia. She is the latest addition to this site and her inclusion begins a pattern of sorts. If you'll notice, all the public adult thumb suckers are women artists! I'm wondering if there's any meaning to this, any thoughts amongst you readers? If so, go to the Forum and shpiel away, please. If you don't know how to get there, the Forum can be visited by first going to the Home Page and clicking on the Forum entrance point. But, back to Sohma. Here you'll find several photos and a link to her beautiful, new, and growing site. Born on March 2nd, 1979, she's 21 as of this update, though she looks younger. Check it out. 12/26/00

Cydniey Photos, Cydniey has her own website on the subject. These photos were derived from her original site. Cydniey, too, doesn't give a hoot who sees her. 10/1/00

Photos of Families who suck their thumbs together:

Betty's Family , here's a new entry in a new category. Betty has three children. She and they all suck their thumbs together. She has a nice philosophy built around the whole thing. Check it out. 10/1/00

Photos of Public Adult Thumb Sucking:

On The Train and Bus

In the Classroom (to be done later)

Photos of Women Thumb Suckers:

Caution: though I have edited or eliminated some photos, derived from the Internet, that some visitors to this site considered in poor taste (having a sexual ambience), there are some that still may offend. If this is so, please e-mail me and tell me the name or location of the photo and I will decide what to do about it. However, to ensure that there are enough photos, I ask that you participate and send me photographs of yourself or someone you know (with their permission). The purpose of this section is to desensitize and educate people to the fact that thumb sucking in adults is real and these photos are just one more attempt to prove it.

Group1, Several shots focusing on one woman.

Group 2, This group depicts a major contributor to this site. Some added shots of her sucking in her work office. 7/11/99 .

Group3, One of our fans sent in pictures of herself on 5/98

Group4, A long time correspondent and thumb sucker, she finally sent us photos of herself with a little description of the drama surrounding the photos. 7/11/99

Group 5, A group added for real people as opposed to posed models. New photo added from Jenni's web site (Shows her about to go to sleep).6/4/00

Amy's Page, {short description of image}A 27 year old woman from Madison, Wisconsin sent in her contribution. Hopefully I have more info that she sent...and I'll find it soon! 11/20/01

Anne's Page, A couple of photos from a woman thumb sucker from Louisiana. Included here is her survey results. Thank you Anne for helping all of us to feel more comfortable with our habit! 3/11/00

Brandy's Page, A welcome addition from a woman who has a lot to say about her habit. In this section you'll find a photo of her thumb sucking while in labor. Well, let's see, there's Lamaze breathing techniques and...thumb sucking. Why not? 3/11/00

On Stage?, Here are some shots sent in from Pam, a major contributor to the site, and fellow ATS. She found them on the Net somewhere. Apparently thumb sucking was playing big on stage one day. What's interesting is that these photos mark the first time this site has ever gotten photos of mutual thumb sucking, where each partner sucks the other's thumb, a practice somewhat common among the married and well befriended. Gee, if anyone knows the origin of these shots, email me with the location. 12/26/00

Group 6, A reorganized section, pushing the numbers up a noch. Remember, the goal is to have a collection of non-model shots in the early numbered groupings. Two new photos added here, one of them submitted by a loyal fan. Also, meet Rex, her true name, caught on camera tsing while en route during her vacation.12/26/00

Group 6a, Instead of adding a number to the group sequence, which entails changing the names of all subsequent groups, I just added a letter. So easy! Just a new section added with a start for real photos of real people. 12/26/00

Group 7, Got 5 added on 9/4/98.

Group 8, more for your viewing confirmations 9/3/98

Group 9, 8/25/98

Group 10, One new shot added from Eric Kroll on 5/29/99

Group 11, Five nice shots here - 11/1/98

Group 12, A few nice shots here too. 9/6/99

Group 13, Three posed shots added on 10/24/99

Group 14, One more shot added on the bottom of the page. 4/17/99

Group 15, A new section addition to accommodate the burgeoning onslaught of photo additions. 4 new photos added here, thanks to a very helpful contributors to the site.12/28/99

Group 16 , Posed models, not purest, just some more photos. 8/25/98

Historical, {short description of image}A new section. Weird actually, but who am I to judge?! Anyway, just a point to be made here. How does one feel better when the world around them is collapsing into volcanic ash? This model was made from a space in the ashes of Pompeii. At least we know they spent their last moments in peace. 11/20/01

Photos of Men Thumb Suckers

What is the percent of adult male thumbsuckers to all adult thumbsuckers? Check out the Statistics. Oh, and if you're into this, check out Jackie Chan's movie "First Strike".

Group 1, Caught while asleep! Also a clear example of what can happen to your mouth if you suck your thumb for many years.

Group 2, some of the old shots just put into a different grouping to save load time for you.

Group 3 , Three new shots. In the shot with two guys, who do you think is the real adult thumb sucker? The answer is at the bottom of the page! 4/10/99 One more shot added on 9/6/99.

Group 4 , A new group, added to reduce download times, three new shots. 10/24/99

Group 5, A new photo from a male tser from England, though he originates from Asia. 6/4/00

Kai's Page, {short description of image}Kai added a site on the Net. This site shows his sucking style and callused thumb, in german. A page from one of our respondents who sent photos of himself and his survey results. An additional photo a Kai, clearer. Check this page out if you want to write to him also. 11/20/01

Gary's Page, Another new page from one of our respondents who sent photos of himself. He added three more shots, including one showing his thumb callus. 10/24/99

John's Page, Bill is actually bjohn, famous contributor in the Forum, during the Chats and behind the scenes with lots of material. Well, we're finally able to make him his own page, now that he started his own mini-site on the subject. 10/1/00