Lots o' E-Mail!

Since the Adult Thumb Sucking site started, and even before then, I've been the receipiant of e-mail about our habit. At one time, prior to the creation of a Web Site for us, that was ALL I had regarding information on this phenomonon. Since Extra did their piece on us, I've been swamped and had to divide the e-mail section to reduce download times. Below you'll find the best of the e-mails. Hey, wanta' add your two cents? E-mail me and we'll see.

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Extra E-Mail, for e-mail received as a result of the Extra Show 5/30/99

Section 2,or archived older e-mails.

Section 3, 7/11/99

Section 4, 9/6/99

Section 5, 6/4/00, Check this one out. Some REALLY interesting stuff here, including a mini-debate and an email from the author of a book.

Section 6, 10/1/00

Section 7, 12/28/00

Section 8, 12/28/00

Section 9, updatedred.gif11/20/01