Why it's Sexy

This section focuses on an aspect of adult thumb sucking that often surprises the adult thumb sucker, it's sexy. This fact shouldn't be too surprising in that it involves the sensual oral center and, well, so much of what is human has become sexualized in one way or another that thumb sucking adults is just another part of the total picture. Some folks have written their thoughts on this subject and, so, take a peek and, hopefully, reading them won't leave you too piqued.

Caution, some of the dialogue below may be considered by some to be sexually risque. If you have issues of tolerance for this subject, I urge you to wear an intellectual profilactic or return to the Home Page.

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This is an email from a woman fan who is trying to describe the origin of her sexual fascination with other women, adult, thumbsuckers:

I am a bisexual woman who finds other women sucking their thumbs extremely erotic. So this is kind of a fantasy of mine to meet someone in my area.... I would very much like to have their e-mail addresses if they wouldn't mind.

First of all, growing up, I had a very close friend who lived down the street from me who also sucked her thumb. Experimenting with sex at a very early age, (around age 5) Janice and I would spend hours together exploring our bodies and touching each other. We learned how to masturbate and although I was so young, I discovered how to reach orgasm. I think perhaps Janice and I shared a certain closeness in our friendship and later in our intimacy because we both sucked our thumbs and felt accepted by each other if not by peers who seemed to ridicule us.

So, from this, I can summarize that my earliest, deepest feelings of sexual desire were connected to both thumb sucking and a female partner. Many years passed and I dated men here and there, but never quite felt emotionally or sexually fulfilled. While attending college in Arizona, I began to explore my feelings for women and subsequently had a few serious love relationships with gay women. I still felt attracted to men, but I was much more turned on by women. So, when I moved back to New York, where I am from, I met a woman, we became seriously involved and I had a ten year relationship with her.... That relationship ended about 5 years ago, and I have since then dated both men and women, only to find that I really do prefer women for many reasons.

I am now pursuing my love of women and find this is the direction for me. I agree that men and women are quite different in their perceptions, thinking, behavior, etc. and I know that men are much more visually oriented when pertaining to sex. Show a guy a porno film and he'll go bonkers! Show a woman a porno film and she'll yawn.... It has been my experience that women are turned on sexually by emotions that surround the circumstances of the sex, whereas men are much more visually stimulated. From the e-mails I've read on your site, I have also noticed that it is mostly the men who find thumbsucking erotic. Perhaps as a woman who is mostly gay and possesses some traits and attributes more commonly associated with men (I'm assertive, decisive, strong-willed, logical etc) I am more turned on by this than other women.

And why does it turn me on? I'm sure it has to do with my childhood friend and the feelings associated with that particular behavior. Whether it has any other meaning or other reasons for turning me on, I don't know.

From an anonymous contributor.

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The arousal that naturally occurs when I do it.z Thumb in mouth...hand on penis. This goes way back. I had contributed an early "embarrassment" to Brian's site, saying that I watched a home movie in front of all our relatives and there was this shot of me, around 3 years old, standing by the garage, thumb in mouth, hand holding crotch. I had never seen that before. There was devilish laughter. I laughed along, but was shocked. I do remember a dry climax sucking my thumb when I was about 6 or 7. And my first real emission at age 12 or 13 involved thumbsucking in my bed.

So it is very ingrained in me. The physical feeling of doing it brings such erotic pleasure. When I first insert my thumb in my mouth, pressing it against my palate and rubbing it back and forth about 1/2", the stimulous begins. I don't suck continuously. I do it for 1-2 minutes and take my thumb out for about 20 seconds and then put it back in. Each time it gets better and better. The key thing is that my thumb gets wetter and softer and SMOOTHER against my palate. I am very curious if anyone else sucks their thumb this way. I don't actually SUCK it. I rub it. The other important part is that as I rub it, my tongue proceeds to pulsate. It's involuntary. There's no stopping it as long as I connect with the right spot on my palate. This enhances the feeling greatly. This dual rubbing, pulsating action. My thumb would have to be cut off to stop me from doing it.

The last part of sexuality in thumbsucking is observing others doing it. I have to be honest in saying that watching . . .is an immense turn-on. Fortunately, I know I can contol my desires. Masturbating the sighting out in private (as soon as possible) satisfies me. The only adult female I have seen do it is my cute 25 y/o neice. I saw her do it just a few weeks ago--the first time in about 4 years. She was looking in the refrigerator and sucking her thumb! I also had a chance to see her hands...long nails with red polish, but her left thumb had a short nail and the thumb had red marks on it. It drives me mad. I'll stop there. Of course, what I wrote here is not an organized article on the sexuality of thumbsucking.

At the Forum, a contributor addressed the issue that Larry started when he indicated an attraction to a women seen sucking her thumb while driving her car:

Men and women find things “sexy” for many reasons, usually having to do with cultural values. But, across all cultures, the fact remains that people are sexually attracted to each other, whatever the reasons. Of course the imperatives of biology would dictate this reality. But, the fact remains that whatever attracts one to another is learned, whether we are attracted to beards, blonde hair, breasts, personality, similar tastes, intelligence, body language, whatever. It’s actually more involved than this, but let’s leave it at that for the purposes of my argument.

Suffice it to say that our attractions span the rainbow from the superficial, appearance, to the more complex, the interplay of personality characteristics and the history we’ve experienced with each other. I’m sure that Larry finds many things attractive in a woman. One of these things, apparently, is that she sucks her thumb. It probably is not essential that she does so (if it was, we’d be talking more along the lines of a fetish) but, if she does suck her thumb, he finds that attractive, whatever the underlying psychodynamics. I propose that his preferences aren’t much different than, say, another man’s predilections for big breasted women, though both allures aren’t necessarily exclusive.

It’s true that standard cultural values place an attraction for women who suck their thumb on the fringes compared to the attractions for breasts, hair, and what-have-you, but, given the photos at our site and the comments I’ve received from some of those who’ve viewed them, who is to say that an attraction for women who suck their thumb is any less valid that those that are more commonly popular? In fact, both types of attractions are learned and have the potential to develop into the same biological imperative, given the proper follow-up. But I’m trying to make a point here, that an attraction such as Larry’s doesn’t undermine the purpose of our site.

The old phrase, “Black is beautiful”, comes to mind. There was a time in our country’s history where Blacks were portrayed in a very negative light, always. This was based on many things, among which were the popularity of negative stereotypes and the agendas they sprung from. Today, Black people have far more rights then ever before in our country’s history. Though far from perfect, the old stereotypes have changed markedly. Being Black today is more culturally acceptable; witness the Black presence in mass media, the courses given in schools across America and so on. The phrase, “Black is beautiful”, when originally used, flew in the face of, what was then, accepted cultural norms. Its purpose, initially, was to shock Whites. But, also, to engender a feeling and view amongst Blacks that was not only shocking but exhilarating. And, like all things that shock us, we eventually got used to the concept. It got that way because people’s realities changed when others struggled to cause that change, in this society’s cultural values. Reeducation of the masses helped in formulating that change.

Today, a White person’s sexual preference for a Black person is not frowned upon with near the contempt as in days past. This type of history has occurred with many groups. I propose that a similar mechanism underlies the example here. Of course, the analogy is somewhat laughable in that no one is complaining that the rights of adult thumb suckers are being hindered in any way. Still, what is analogous is the fact that there are societal stigmas associated with the habit. Try sucking your thumb whenever you want to and you’ll see that at least an undue amount of attention will be focused your way for awhile. The point is, perhaps as adult thumb sucking becomes more widely known, it is natural that some out there will find it an endearing quality in a person, just like other aspects of our personage that are either liked or disliked. Isn’t this a form of social acceptance? This site often shocks those that view it, but it also educates. For the adult thumb sucker, this site has been liberating. This site proves that it’s OK to be an adult and still suck your thumb if that is what you like to do. And, in the case of Larry, the fact that he has felt solitude in his thumb sucking, all his adult life, it’s certainly understandable to me that among all the feelings that are engendered when he sees it in another for the first time, the feeling of attraction would be one of them. “Black is Beautiful”, transforms to “Adult Thumb Sucking is beautiful”.

The argument then is that finding thumb sucking in an adult attractive may be the result of more acceptance, not less. Singling it out in a positive light conforms far more to this site’s purpose than the opposite, something that we’ve all been very used to all our lives. This site does not propose that we don’t single individuals our for their uniqueness, or their characteristics, it simply proposes that adult thumb sucking is more common than otherwise assumed and should be accepted since it is, essentially, harmless and, for those that indulge, beneficial. As for thumb sucking being sexually provocative, I suppose that anything human can be sexualized by others eventually. As long as it’s legal, what’s wrong with that?

This article is from an interviewed published by Eric Kroll who also has a site in which adult thumb sucking is mildly dealt with. In order to go to his section you must join his club. It can be found at http://www.erickroll.com.

In this interview, a man, FM, describes his attraction towards women who suck their thumb. His orientation was developed at an early age, as are most sexual proclivities, and he is quite open about his feelings.

Eric Kroll: I've been getting emails from a fellow asking to see my shots of adult women sucking their thumbs. I often ask a model to pose sucking her thumb. I find it erotic. I asked FM to tell me how he developed an interest in adult women sucking their thumb.

"I love adult women who still suck on their thumb. Since I was a kid, I felt an attraction for girls sucking their thumbs. My twin sister sucked her thumb till she was 16 years old! When I first started masturbating at age 12, I thought of a girl sucking her thumb. I've always looked for women that sucked their thumb and then ask them to suck it for me.

When I was 18 I met a girl I suspected of still sucking her thumb. Strangely, I noticed she didn't have any marks or callus on her thumb. But from time to time, I saw teeth marks and lipstick marks on her thumb. She told me she thumb sucked all through school, that she and another girlfriend did it as sort of a thumb sucking club. They liked to do it after a meal or while sleeping. We started to have thumbsucking sex and I loved it. She liked it also. We stayed together four years. It became a habit. She'd suck her thumb for me and then I'd suck her thumb while we made love.

I never sucked my thumb but now I suck my thumb while masturbating and thinking about my former girlfriend's thumb or another girl's thumb. I always look for women sucking their thumbs in their cars while driving. I have seen three in all the years I have looked. Those times were awesome. I never tried to make contact.

I am married now, but my wife never sucks her thumb. She will do it if I ask her, but that isn't the same. I like it when an adult women does it naturally. That’s why I love to see photos of women sucking their thumbs. I can tell when it's natural or not. I've been looking for young women that will let me photograph them sucking their thumbs.

I love a woman with a thumb callus and nice teeth (there are a few). I love to see a wet thumb. I would like to know why you take pics of women sucking their thumb? Maybe it is the innocent aspect. I like it when an adult sucks her thumb with the index finger over the nose. I find that very sexy. That's my story. Thanks."

Why I think it's sexual, by Jonandra

I find thumbsucking sensual, sexual, erotic, comforting, calming. I was recently discussing with a non-thumbsucker that certain Je ne C'est qua that someone sucking their thumb has. It's like catching someone at their most vulnerable. Partly because of its social taboo, it can even be slightly "naughty". But I don't view it quite as "naughty", not really. But it is an exciting thought to me to perhaps one day "catch" someone else thumbsucking.

Thumbsucking provides sensations around the mouth and nose that can be reproduced during sex or loveplay, although thumbsucking is less tiring. It feels nice, smells nice, tickles pleasure centers. It provides the sensations of skin to skin warmth that I think everyone of us craves. Sometimes it's better to just sit back and relax, sharing a skin to skin contact moment in a significant other's arms while thumbsucking. It's sensual, it's intimate. But it's also sensual and sexual.

I find myself sucking my thumb after sex much like I might grab for a cigarette (I only recently picked up the habit of smoking). But I think that thumbsucking is by far more satisfying and truly far less addicting. And definately far less damaging (at least for me, thumbsucking has shown little sign of affecting my health or appearance.) Quite honestly I didn't find out how much I found finger and thumbsucking an exciting part of foreplay and sex until I was 23

Why Thumb Sucking is Erotic by Anonymous

I suck my thumb for the usual reasons, tension relief, to go to sleep, it feels good. But, I notice that other contributors here suck their thumb because it also feels erotic, and, I have to say, I agree. There are many articles written on the Internet and elsewhere that describe why people suck their thumb, but little on its erotic aspect. So I want to delve into that more, just because hardly anyone else has.

It’s like I’m two people, this erotic thing. I can find myself sucking just because it’s sort of like a posture, I guess you’d refer to that as habit, and when I do so, habitually, I don’t think of it much, of course. But when I’m aroused, it enhances the feeling so much more. So it’s obvious that I’ve learned to associate my thumb sucking with something sexual.

I don’t know if I’m alone in this, and I don’t think I am, but when I look at the photos of women at this site, sucking away, I just find them so beautiful, so sexually enthralling. The feeling comes to me in an unclear way. I mean, it’s just there. But if I force myself to analyze it, I think the sum can be broken up into its constituents. Let me try here to do so.

First off, there’s the lips. I think most people can understand why lips can be very erotic. I don’t want to get into heavy psychology, but, let’s face it, lips are sexy, especially full lips, parted ever so slightly. They’re like an invitation to something exciting, they call for an entering of sorts, like a door to the soul, the teeth hiding just enough to inspire curiosity. When I see a woman’s full lips open just a bit, my tongue gets an irresistible urge to explore her sweet mouth. I suppose, for me, it’s an identity thing. For you, if you understand where I’m coming from, great, but maybe it’s something else. But the thought of my tongue lashing deeply behind those bulbous, protrusive, soft and sweet lips fills me with feelings that defy boundaries, adding just enough carnal spice to confuse me, leaving me in a state where I’m no longer aware of where she ends and where I begin. In a sense, I feel like I have become her.

I love tasting the slightly sweet area just behind her teeth and, so, knowing what her sensations are as she knows, every waking hour of her life. It’s like I’m plugged in, by some magical ritual of alchemy, and have a moment to be her. If her teeth were affected by thumb sucking, all the better. The thought that she can’t stop her habit, and the pleasure she derives from it, even if her teeth are effected to the point of obvious buckedness adds that much more to my sensation. My need to meld is so powerful that the fantasy of her doing that to me, pushing my teeth out similarly, etches like a collage, flitting images like bursts as I reach ever new heights of sexual elation.

I love watching her. Seeing her nonchalantly entering that mouth of hers with her delicate, feminine and callused thumb. She looks like something innocent, childlike but not a child. Her profile, exaggerating her now protrusive lips, wrapped around a phallus-like object that is her compulsion, her requirement, her urgency. I rejoice at the contrast of puerile need within a woman’s frame, art, flesh-colored, warm and real.

I want her thumb to feel comfortable in my mouth as I experience, once again, her essence, her habit as mine. I picture myself alternating between she and me, she, behind me, hugging closely, following the contours of my body, head to toe, tightly, her chest to my back, again ignoring proper boundaries as she shares our bed together. She sucks her thumb unconsciously while asleep, but I’m there instead, her face pushed closely behind my head, into my long hair. So she’ll find, instead, my mouth as her thumb pushes its way in, without thought, seeking a position it knows too well. And I picture doing the same to her, both of us intractably entwined, habituating ourselves to something now new, but eventuating into something more than natural, something hard to break, like our habit, something taken for granted. I feel her tongue pumping suction against my thumb, her teeth resting securely against skin, forming a callus on my thumb, leaving her impression, her saliva’s smell. Her slithery tongue, washing me clean, absorbing me into her body, blending identities again, in another new way. I feel needed, I feel close, I feel warmth, I feel isolated with her, protected within our new borders, combined liquid floating for the moment in a world we both accept, for ourself and for ourselves.

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