and then Thumb Metamorphis

Below you'll see what the power of modern photo programs can do to create thumbsucking photos. If you have a photo that "needs some work", send it to me as an attachment and we'll see if it can be added.

tschange5.jpg (President)

Clinton recently explaining how thumb sucking helped him get through his scandalous other habits.

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Section 1 NEW! Three new additions here. (11/26/98)

tschange14before.jpg tschange14after.jpg

aSleepyblonde.jpgaSleepyblonde2.jpgThis one's obvious.

tschange8bride.jpg For all those parents worried about her going down the aisle still sucking her thumb, doesn't look that bad now, does it?

tschange7.jpg <<What some models should do between photo sessions.

tschange3.jpgDon't have the original, now.