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The following movies have adult thumbsuckers in them. For more information on each title, for apropos graphics or to purchase the film, click on the title.

Entropy, updatedred.gifA dark comedy written and directed by Phil Joanou with two 1 minute tsing scenes. I liked the movie, even if it was slow at times, but it didn't get good write-ups. Who knows, maybe I'm a bit biased! :) But, the good news is...THERE'S A VIDEO CLIP available in this section!!! It shows rare footage (thumbage?) depicting the question, asked by the star, Stephen Dorff playing Jake Walsh, "What are you doing?", and the answer by Pia, played by Kelly MacDonald. What an answer! It's short and sweet, but effective, so check it out. What's so cool about it is that most of the other films have no comments about our habit, even if the main star indulges... as if they're blinking. 1/21/02

Baby Boy, updatedred.gifDefinitely a movie worth seeing, the acting and dialogue was, in my humble opinion, superb. The story depicts the maturation of a black man, and his women, as they encounter life's many problems. John Singleton, who wrote and directed this movie (of Boy'z in the Hood fame), in commenting about Yvette, the woman thumb sucker, played by Taraji Henson, simply used that behavior to symbolize the child in her. Needless to say, see tses quite frequently and everyone just accepts it without comment, or any reaction at all. In one memorable sequence, as seen in this section, Yvette talks on the phone, tsing in between the conversational breaks. She's such a natural at it one may wonder if she does this in real life. Get the video, it's worth it! 1/13/02

Belinda, Ok, I finally got this movie. NOW WITH VIDEO CLIPS! For those who want to try to get it, good luck. It's been out of print for several years. I had to go to extraordinary lengths to obtain what I consider the best of all the listed thumb sucking movies ever. The adult thumb sucker in the movie is the actress Kathryn Walker, who, in real life was once married to James Taylor. She, however, plays a very minor role in this film, the star being a young woman named Deanna Jeffs. In many of the video-captures the view of Ms. Walker is glancing, with certain great exceptions. The major problem, from my perspective, is that there is no attention paid to her thumb sucking, she just does it in front of everyone. I really wondered why this character was in the film at all, unless she symbolized, as did most of the characters in the movie, a particular form of pathos and depravation. If anyone out there knows the e-mail address to the writer of the sceenplay, Pamela Gibbons of Australia, write to me so I can ask her about this character. Special thanks to Sunny for delivering the high quality video-captures presented here.

Look! AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH PAMELA GIBBONS, Writer/Director of this movie! Find out why she included an adult thumb sucker in her movie, and more! Either click above, see the Belinda film first, or, click here to go directly to the interview with Ms. Gibbons.

Dogma, Along with "Striptease", this movie displays thumb stage action for about 4 seconds or so. Two photos from this scene.

Striptease, Demi Moore stars in this movie, but the thumb sucker is played by Dina Spybey as the character Monique, Jr. The movie is a crime/comedy and had bad reviews. Fortunately the thumb sucking scenes start within the first 10 minutes of the film.

Cape Fear, Juliette Lewis played in this movie. There is a terror filled scene where she's running away from Robert DeNiro (playing Max Cady) and while standing hidden in a room, hearing his footsteps getting closer she relieves her anticipating horror with, well, you guessed it! (9/28/98)

Quoted passage is taken from Aaron Allston: Movie Reviews 1997

(Note from webmaster: I haven't seen this film yet and just got this info on 9/16/98)

" Jackie Chan's First Strike is actually the fourth movie in Chan's Police Story series; the third installment was released in the U.S. as Supercop. In First Strike, Chan plays a Hong Kong policeman who is rewarded for some surveillance work (on behalf of the CIA) with a follow-up assignment: Watch a smuggler on a plane flight from Hong Kong to the Ukraine, then take a well-deserved vacation. Not surprisingly, things don't go that smoothly, and he soon finds himself embroiled with nuclear arms traffickers, the successors to the KGB, and a criminal tong in Brisbane, Australia."

The hilarious thumb sucking sequence occurs with Jackie fighting his enemies inside an giant shark infested sea-aquarium. The action takes place in full view of several tourists who think what they're seeing is part of an aquarium show. Jackie gets knifed on his thumb by one of his enemies and, in order to avoid causing the bleeding to get too much attention from the sharks swimming all about him, is forced to keep his now oddly attractive thumb in his mouth. After dispatching the knife wielder, Jackie, desperately needing air, takes immediate advantage of the air mouthpiece lent to him by a friend, a woman employee of the aquarium. Realizing that he'd be exposing his thumb, Jackie pops his thumb into her mouth in order to keep the sharks at bay. This entire sequence can be seen by clicking on the linked movie name in the above paragraph.

Sybil, has a short 2 second clip of Sally Fields sucking her thumb while hiding in a closet.

Long Gone, A 1987 movie starring Virginia Madsen. The first 10 minutes pans her sleeping while sucking her thumb, hence the shot. I want to thank an anonymous helper (going by the name "J") for identifying the "mystery" photo we had from this movie.

Innocent Lies, NOW WITH VIDEO Clips on the web page, is a mystery movie with an incestuous theme running through it. Anwar sucks her thumb in several sections. Note improved video for these mostly darkened scenes. This improvement was made on 10/30/99!

Born Losers, NOW WITH VIDEO About 20 minutes into the film, a woman, about 20 years old or so, was reduced to a childlike state, sucking her thumb and holding her Teddy, while her mother, played by Jayne Mansfield, is outraged at what happened to her daughter. This movie was one of the Billy Jack cult films. I actually was invited to see Billy Jack during a special screening in Manhattan. The stars and cast sat there with us. Too bad Born Losers didn't come out yet, I would have had some unusual questions.

This World, and Then the Fireworks, NOW WITH VIDEO, a strange film about a criminal brother/sister pair have an incestuous relationship. The sister, played by Gina Gershon is seen several times sucking her thumb while asleep and while a nighttime story is told to her by her brother, played by Billy Zane of Titanic fame.

Dumb and Dumber, a short shot of Jim Carrey hiding in the corner of a bathroom stall, sitting on the floor sucking his thumb.

Maria's Lovers, Thanks to Pamela Gonzalez for recommending this film. Nastassia Kinski is doing the deed in this movie about a soldier (played by John Savage) who, after spending World War II in a Japanese internment camp where he kept his sanity by imagining being married to his love, comes home and marries her only to find that he can't consummate his marriage due to his resultant psychological scars. A beautifully filmed experience in the Russian style of cinematography, but a painful film to watch (excepting, well, you know what).

Roommates Revenge , Starring Summer Cummings as Bambi Love. Summer discovers her roommate, Bambi, sucking her thumb. Summer thinks Bambi is too old for this and decides to teach her by spanking. Need I say more? Haven't seen it, but may have good film copy of an adult thumbsucking, who knows?

Baby Doll, NOW WITH VIDEO, the only thumb sucking here is right within the first 2 minutes of the film. Though it was an academy award winner, the script is a bit dated.

The Big Sleep , Marlowe, played by Humphrey Bogart encounters Carmen Sternwood, a dizzy nymphette who sucks her thumb in the presence of men she finds exciting. Actually, she places her thumb to her mouth. I couldn't even get any worthwhile shots from this film. Several verbal references are made about her thumb sucking, including one by Bogart in which he demands that she, "stop sucking your thumb!".

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