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This section is comprised of statements that all the people that filled the survey have made as well as the sum total of all the answers they've given in answering the survey questions. It is both the raw data for the Statistics Section as well as a compendium of issues inspired by the Survey, but dealt with on an individual basis. As such, the information here is considerable and would take, literally, hours to sort through. I've broken the statements down in sections that, at this time, are defined in terms of recently derived and not yet entered into the Stat Section, and those that are older, and entered into the Statistics. In the future I may reorganize by region, or, if there are other patterns, type or in some other manner that would be helpful. For now, though, I'd suggest sorting through them one at a time because you will learn a lot about your own thumb sucking habits, particularly, you will realize, again, how much you share with other adults who still suck their thumb, or fingers.

Statements Quantified into Statistics:

The Statistics Section is based on data in this section.

Statement Section A1, oldest section.

Statements Awaiting Quantification into Statistics:

I am currently considering a new method of compiling the statistics. This will be time consuming, to say the least, and, as a result, the statements below await. It is my hope that by entering the information properly in a database, all sorts of relationships between the data may be queried.

Statement Section B1 -Last updated on 4/17/99.

Statement Section B2-This section was derived shortly after this site was featured on the show "Extra" on May 24, 1999 and again on May 29, 1999. Most of the people answering the Survey here did so after discovering the existence of this site from that nationally broadcast segment. 7/6/99

Statement Section B3 - This section continues the long listings and details of adult thumb suckers who have filled out the survey, with their additional, interesting, and very personalized added statements about their lives and how their habit affects them. 7/25/99

Statement Section B4 - This section introduces, near the end of the statements, some additonal questions which explore how long per day each of us sucks our thumb and, if thumb sucking makes it difficult to have a relationship. 7/25/99

Statement Section B5 - in this section you will detect that I started to 'deprose-ify' the submissions, preferring, instead to simply download the raw data. I did this in order to update future Statement sections more quickly, given the voluminous amount of responses I'm getting. They're still totally understandable, if not more efficiently relayed. I suppose this tells you something about my own assumptions when I started this site. I guess I never realized the numbers involved, otherwise I would have downloaded the data raw from the beginning. 12/28/99

Statement Section B6 - Continuing as in Section B5, you'll find raw data listed here in order to process the information faster.Updated part at the top of this section. 3/11/00

Statement Section B7 - All new raw data from the surveys sent in. Lots of opinions on the subject derived from the written sections of the survey. Interesting stuff. Come in and see for yourself! 3/16/00 (72 K)

Statement Section B8 - And the surveys just keep on coming! The very, very latest. Funny how similar habits can vary so much! 4/16/00